Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration Four Mason

Even today the events of the past effect us. This is the case for Tiananmen Square. China has wanted a better government for a long time but no one would stand up to it because of the consequences of doing so. In 1989 this point was proven. Thousands of College age people gathered together in Tianamen Square and started protesting for better a better government, a Democracy. China became furious about this protest especially when it reached the media and the United States and other Countries found out what was happening. China decided they were going to clear the Square. They did so by bringing tanks and 200,000 armed soldiers to remove them. They killed 1000 or more people while removing them.
The thing that stood out to me the most was how China covered the whole thing up. They made it like nothing has ever happened in the Square. This shows me how much control the government has on them and how lucky I am to live in a place where almost everything is public.
This Picture blows me away. Until I saw this I never pictured how many people were actually there! I could not imagine being there and standing up to a government where you could die for doing so.
I know this isn't a actually photo of what happened but I think this picture speaks volumes of the aftermath. It explains how the government of Chain wanted and still wants to hide what happened there. It also shows the control the government still have over there people of China.


  1. Mason i could really appreciate the digging you took and the fact that your pictures correspond greatly. Looking into the people that were there i too was amazed! Another thing that had actually amazed me was the fact that Tiananmen means gates of peace i believe.

  2. I like your choice for the second photo. I believe that it summarizes the feelings of the Chinese government completely. It also stood out to me that the government made it seem like it never happened. Before learning about it in class, I had no idea an event like this had taken place in China. We are so very lucky to live in the country that we do.

  3. I agree with you about that first photo. When i first scrolled by it i didn't really think much of it but i took a closer look and it blew me away on just the amount of people there. i had no clue there was that many


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