Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Exploration 5 Mason Metcalf

     The story that has meant the most to me so far has to be "on the rainy river". The story is about how Tim thought about running away and going to Canada to get out of the draft. I think I like this story so much because I feel every person that was drafted had this thought at one time or another. It had to be so scary to be a young man in those days. I liked the way Tim found the man at the river and stayed there for six days to think about his decision. I really think sometimes in life you need that time where people just let you be you. I think this really helps a lot of people and this is why the story meant so much to me.
     I really feel a connection in the book to Kiowa. His father was a Sunday school teacher and he always carried around a bible. Having faith in God at a time like that had to be comforting. No one can do it alone and for Kiowa he turned his problems to God and I feel I would do the same.
     One specific convention of narrative I have found interesting is his use of weights. Every single thing he carries he states how much it ways. After a while all that weight adds up but he still says the emotional baggage is still heavier then the physical.
     "I was too good for this was. Too smart, too compassionate, too everything. I was above it." This quote really struck me in two ways. First again I think everyone had some feeling like this when they were getting drafted. Second I really think we did lose a lot of really smart men that would of done great things for our country if they didn't have to fight a war.


  1. I also relate a lot two Kiowa because we have the same sort of background and faith.
    I also agree with your comment about the weights and how their was more then just physical weights to the items they also carried an emotional aspect as well.

  2. I like how you related yourself to kiowa it shows that you are strong in your faith and that you don't put your problems on other people. That is a great quality to have!

  3. I choose that same section to talk about too. I felt more understanding of what they had to deal with while fighting and also just laying around thinking. It helped show how hard the war was on the soldiers both mentally and physically.


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