Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration 4: Skyler Siles

Part One:
The thing that struck out most to me and the thing i think we should all remember  during my research of Tienanmen Square 1989 is the date and the age of the people there. The fact that most if the 10,000 protesters where young students, very few adults. and the fact that this kind of thing happened from one of the worlds super powers was only 20 some years ago. Not during Vietnam or WWII, but a year shy the 90's. We all think that a world super power in a modern era of the 90's would not only kill and shoot, but show up with full military force to massacre the peaceful young protesters. That is what struck me.

Part Two:

I like this photo because it shows how young the protesters are and the fact that one of them is holding a soldiers helmet and all bloody is only a hint of how horrific the Tienanmen Square was.

I really like this one because this shows the cell phones of all the young protesters and how they are able to use this technology to really help and organize this protest in Hong Kong 

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  1. I never actually realized it until you said it, but this is a fairly modern event. My mom was saying how she remembers it on the news and the uproar of the entire world at such a modern world super power. The actions of China alone are appauling, but the fact that they would open up on their own youth, is the most disturbing part of the whole massacre.


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