Sunday, October 12, 2014

Exploration Four

Part One:
What really stuck me as most important about what transpired in Tiananmen Square in 1989 was that 1 million people, mostly university students were having a peaceful protest. They were standing up against the Communist party and fighting for democracy and the resignation of the Chinese Communist party leaders. The protest started in May 1989 and went on for 3 weeks straight. The students chanted and did marches but nothing violate. On June 4th the Chinese soldiers stormed Tiananmen Square. They open fire on the crowds of peaceful protesters. Thousands of the student protesters tried to escape the rampaging Chinese soldiers. But there were also some that fought back. They threw stones at soldiers and took their weapons and used them to shot the Chinese military vehicles. Its estimated that 300 to thousands of people were killed that day and as many as 10,000 people were arrested.What stuck out to me was that there were 1 million students that wanted change and stood up for it and had a peaceful protect and ended up being killed for standing up for their beliefs. People today are either to scared or to lazy to actually stand up for what they believe in, so I really admire how these students risked their lives standing up for their beliefs.

Part Two:

 I choose this picture because it gives you idea of the chaos that was going on and shows protesters fighting back and throwing rocks at the Chinese soldiers. It shows the determination of the people that they want change and would do anything to fight for it.

I choose this picture because it shows Chinese military vehicles on fire, meaning that the students fought back and fought for there rights. It shows that the protesters didn't let the government walk over all of them and that they put up a good fight.

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