Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration Five: Jared Mills

1)The story that means the most to me so far would have to be Mitchell Sanders' about the six-man patrol that went into the mountains.  This is mainly because I just really like they way he told it; the way he described the sounds the men heard: "real soft, kind of wacked-out music", "it's this strange gook music that comes right out of the rocks", "keep hearing that crazyass gook concert", "Then after a while they hear gook opera and a glee club and the Haiphong Boys Choir and a barbershot quartet and all kinds of funky chanting and Buddha-Buddha stuff."  He's very descriptive and shows good use of metaphors, similes and personification.  "Everything talks.  The trees talk polotics ,the monkeys talk religion.  The whole country.  Vietnam.  The place talks."
2)I'd have to say that the character that I connect best with so far would be Tim O'brien.  Mostly because he was afraid to go to war and tried to avoid it.  I feel like that if I was faces with the same situation, I would behave similarly.  I wouldn't want to go to war, and throw my plans for the future out the window.  I'd try and avoid it the best I could.
3)Similar to my number 1, one instance of the 5 senses is when the six men go into the mountains on a basic listenening-post operation.  I really like the way Mitchell Sanders described the things these men 'heard' and how they reacted to them. 
4)One passage I marked was this, on pages 62-63: "He tried to get up and run, but there was nothing left to run on.  He fell hard.  The stump of his right leg was twitching.  There were slivers of bone, and the blood came in quick spurts like water from a pump.  He seemed bewildered.  He reached down as if to massage his missing leg then he passed out, and Rat Kiley put on a tourniquet and administered morphine and ran plasma into him."  This impacted me because Tim really shows how the experience would have been, going to touch your leg and realizing that it's gone.  The fact the Rat tried to get up and run, then fell is just an awful image to think of.

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