Sunday, October 12, 2014

Exploration Four: Brent Nicol

Part One
               I found that the most important thing to remember and learn from these events was that the government needs to worry and care about the citizens. Citizens hold a stronger power than what communist countries and dictatorships think. If a mob is given the right motivation and circumstances, they can grow to massive proportions and cause devastating effects on the country through uprising and protest. The people of a country have the ability to make or break the economy and the well being of the others in that country.

Part Two
Students demonstrate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong campus in Hong Kong, Sept. 22, 2014.
This is a picture of the Hong Kong student protests. This picture I believe captures the number of students wanting something better. I believe that through mass numbers by citizens in a government, things can be changed. This picture shows how much citizens care and want a change in the government that they have. It shows the emotion and unity of the citizens as well as how passion can dictate a series of events.
This is a picture of a man at Tiananmen Square. I believe that this picture captures the true destructiveness and the toll it took on the people involved in this horrific event. This picture shows how willing the people are to fight for their right for freedom and how they are willing to put their lives on the line for what they believed.


  1. I love your second picture. It really does show how people will fight till death until they change what they believe in. What amazes me is how the man is covered in blood, his maybe, even a loved one, or someone standing near.. But he seems unaware that blood is even coating his face and chest. A sad truth, I hope he personal got what he was personally or collectively fighting for.

  2. I love your first picture, it truly shows how many students protested. I had not seen that picture before and it astonishes me how many students were involved in this protest. Your second picture is wonderful as well, it shows that people will always fight for what they believe in.


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