Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Profile of DJ Gregory from ESPN 60, posted by Mike Lohre

Here is a profile of DJ Gregory made for the ESPN series.

Please watch and watch actively.  Take a few notes.

  • Look for images or details that others might not notice.
  • Think about the questions being asked and the sources used to get this story.
  • Listen for key ideas and notable things that are said.  Jot them down.

After watching the profile, use your notes and in the Comments section, respond by addressing these questions:

1) Share with us something from your active listening and viewing that you noticed that others may not have.  Something said? An image? Use your notes to share something.
2) What is the purpose of this profile? What feelings or ideas did you take away from it?
3) Connection to your life.  Does DJ remind you of anyone in your life? Do you have a friend or family member who has a disability or even a 'crazy' dream that reminds you in some way of DJ?

DJ Gregory on the PGA tour.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Radio Ad, Pickup Truck Alex and Kristen


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Radio ad video

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Shannon and Jared

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Lindsey and Xavier Radio Ad

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Radio Ad: Austin and Lydia

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Exercise Two: Creating Radio Ads Lauren Richards & Chris Ward

Prompt: Ethos-based ad for a pickup truck.

Narrator: Chuck Norris and Vin Diesel decide they need a new pickup truck upgrade. So they decide to compare the Ford F150 to the Chevy Silverado and here's what they found.

Vin Diesel: Hey Chuck, how much wood could a Chevy truck haul if a Chevy truck could haul wood?

Chuck Norris: As much as the Ford towing it.

Vin Diesel: How do you make a Chevy accelerate from 0-60 mph in 15 seconds?

Chuck Norris: By pushing it off a cliff.

Vin Diesel: How do you improve the appearance of a Chevy?

Chuck Norris: You put it between two Ford's.

Narrator: You wont be asking yourself these questions if you own a Ford.

Vin Diesel & Chuck Norris: BUILT FORD TOUGH! (cue explosions)

Radio Ad- Pathos based pickup truck by Alex Choe, Evan Dias and LaCrista Keller

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Radio Ad: Logos-Based Ad for Tide Matt and Elianna

Ad for Tide Laundry Detergent:

(Thomas spills drink on Jake at a party)

Jake: Wow, dude... Way to stain my shirt!

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Jake: Are you kidding? Where can I get it?

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Jake: Wow! This looks "totes" fresh!

Thomas: I told you, man. Don't miss out on Tide: the Cadillac of laundry detergent at the price of a Ford!

Radio Ad, Ethos-based ad for laundry detegent, Mason and Preston

Billy Mayes: Hi, Billy Mayes here for oxyclean the stain specialist. I'm here to talk about oxycleans new double action formula, which is even faster and more effective then ever before, with me here is the six time Olympic  gold medalist Usain Bolt, to show you how the fastest man alive gets his stains out with oxycleans new and improved double action formula.

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Skyler and Jacobs radio ad

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Exercise Two: Creating Radio Ads

Exercise Two: Creating Radio Ads
Zach Powell & Hunter Burnett

H:Are you disappointed with your shampoo and body wash?
Z: Is it drying out your skin?
H: Well, Head and Body has moisturizing chemicals formulated to treat all cases of dry skin.
Z: It is a 4 in 1 that moisturizes your skin, acts as a shampoo and conditioner, and is also body wash.
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Creating Radio Ads: Logos: Pickup Truck, Alex Thompson, Kristen Orewiler


Chevy Silverado 3500HD

Alex: Hey Hey Hey Alex and Kristen here from your local Chevy dealer.

Kristen: Come check out our new lineup of Chevy Pickups.

Kristen: We have the Chevy Silverado 3500HD; sporting 23,000 pounds of towing capacity, 7,500 pounds of loading capacity. All starting off at $32,500, great for Construction and Agriculture!

Kristen:  We also have smaller models starting off with the 1500 series and moving up to the 2500HD
series. All starting off at $25,000

Alex: Cant choose? No problem, come on in to the store and build your own truck! Don't have any time to come in and build your own? Go to and it will be delivered to the store FOR FREE!

Kristen: We have the lowest deals for Year end clearance! All great vehicles for family and work!

Alex & Kristen: Chevy Runs Deep!

Michael Trawinski
Brent Nicol
Radio Ad

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Put your brainstorm 3 topics and 2 good questions in Comments here from Mike

Students, now that you have your prompt for Essay One, the Profile, please brainstorm three good ideas for a subject for this project.  Make sure at least one idea is a person and one is a public place.  Let's get as many good ideas out there and why.

Post these three brainstorm ideas in the Comments section under this post of mine so we have all the subject ideas in one place.

Write the subject and one sentence explaining why you think it would be a good choice.

In addition, create two good questions for an interview that you think  you could ask of anybody.  Strive to create a good question that is not a yes/no question.

So in total,in the Comments below this post, brainstorm:

3 topics for Essay One.
2 good questions that might be used in an interview with anyone.

Good luck!


Profile of Dub FX from Mike Lohre

Students, here is the link to the video profile made by writer and filmaker Ben Dowden.  His subject is street musician Dub FX.  Watch and listen and watch the short documentary closely.
  • Within the video, which images, clips, or photos stand out? 
  • What things that were said or sung seem most memorable or important to you or the impression of the profile?  Why?
  • What was the purpose or message of this profile? 

Put your comments in answer to these questions below this post in the Comments.  Thanks!


Dub FX and Flower Fairy   this is the documentary profile to watch  just for fun, this is his most popular song on YouTube, done with another busker (street musician) named Mr. Woodside.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Exercise One: Philippe Petite

My poem is talking about the process that Philippe Petite took to get to his big performance. From when he first got to New York till the very end. It explains what he felt and what his thoughts were. I worked on this last night for about 30 minutes. I had the most trouble thinking of words that rhymed with each other. It all just came to me at once. While writing this poem I couldn't help but think how amazing it must of been to be on top of the tallest buildings and be able to see everything.

Out of the darkness and into the light,
I looked up and it gave me great fright.
I went to the top and it was so appealing
It made me feel great and that was a good feeling.

I shot the rope across 
I anchored it down
I was on top of the world and didn't like the ground.
I started across and it felt like a tease
So I started to dance and bounce on my knees.

People looked up and saw a dot in the sky, 
It looked like a man was starting to fly.
I saw a bird with eyes burning red eyes
It felt like a warning so coming down would be wise.
I got arrested by cops on the building, but
They soon let me go because I was so thrilling.

Exploration 1 poem

When writing this poem all I could think about was how it must have felt.  What experience he had.  I wanted to tell his story the way he must have seen these things through his eyes.  To try and cataloger the series of evens and try and capture his attitude of it all.

Out of the darkness and into the light
I finally saw the two towers in sight
The two edifices reaching the heavens.

I cannot stop.  I must go on
somehow some way I must climb,
for to walk between the towers would fulfill my dream.

1363 feet high. Quarter mile up.
A place where only the bird reign.
A place I dare to invade. To be one of them.
Only pure euphoria I now feel.

Good things come to an end.
I am brought down. Not a Free bird, but caged.
It does not matter for nothing can change the way I felt.
The day I walked the two Towers.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Philippe Petit Poem: Zach Powell

When I first started thinking about writing this poem I felt stuck. I have a full page with two columns of stuff written down from watching the video. So I decided to watch the video again. When I started it everything on my page start to pop out to me and it stopped looking like a blank page. I had impossible written down many times but while I was watching that is what stuck out to me. Impossible. So that is what I started my poem with. At he point when he came back down from being at the top and saying it impossible he look up at the towers and said "It's impossible, but i'll do it." I looked at my paper again and decided I knew exactly what I was going to do. It took me an hour to come up with how to start this and it took maybe an hour to write it. While I wrote the stanzas in the poem I watched the video right along side of it so I could visualize the build up.

1363 feet up,
No safety, no protection.
200 feet the other tower,
It’s impossible, but I’ll do it.

The buildings kept calling to him,
He was sneaking, hiding, getting caught every day,
They became an ally and friends.
8 months of false starts, last minute reversals, and heart breaking delays,
He decided to go for it.

On the eve of the impossible
He and two men carry three crates up,
200 feet steel cable, bow and arrow, disassembled balancing pool, and fishing line.
It took all night to install the 1 inch cable across the gap between the two buildings.

The impossible is here.
One foot on the building one foot on the wire ready to shift his weight to become a bird.
After a couple steps he was smiling
He was overwhelmed with the since of ease  
The sounds of people below grew louder and louder
When he saw the cops he started to dance and smile
The cop said what he watched was something that happens once in a life time
He then he lie down on the wire and a bird caught his attention
The bird was a sigh for him to close the curtains of the show
45 minute and 8 crossings
The impossible is possible!

Writing Exercise One: Lauren Richards

        The first time I was introduced to Philippe Petit was last year in my English class. We watched a ted talk with him talking about his walk. We also read Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann which was based around his walk. The first time I saw him talk about his walk across the twin towers I was amazed by the amount of energy he had when describing it all. I still wonder what would compel somebody to think that walking across two of the tallest towers was a good idea. That is what I wanted to show in my poem is the moment of him seeing the towers and wanting to walk across. I have never been great at writing poetry so my poem was more of a free verse poem. It took about fifteen minutes to write, however editing it was more of a challenge as I was trying to figure out what to add or take out.

An Impossible Dream

The screeching of the breaks
echoes through the crowded 
and filthy subway cart.
 I begin to follow out
 with the horde of rushing people as I
 make my way to the opening of the street.

As I emerge from the darkness
 my gaze is forced upward
 at the marvelous sight of the World Trade Center. 
 It's beauty is so grand that it became evident.
 I saw my dream right in front of my face in that moment,
 and that dream seemed to be as big as the towers them-self.

 It seemed impossible but I know I will do it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On Top of The World by Austin Nininger

When I write poems, I usually have to work line by line. It also has to rhyme. I tried to put myself in his shoes. Especially before Philip started across that line. I imagined the fear and anxiety I would have felt approaching what could be my death. How would I bring myself to get on that tightrope? I also tried to use some of his own inspiration to depict a first person account of that day.


There I stood on top of the world,
Overwhelmed by fear as the wind swirled.

There I stood gazing across that line,
Wondering why I followed this dream of mine.

Inches away from a thousand foot drop,
I knew I had come too far, I couldn't stop.

I placed one foot on, hoping I wouldn't slip,
I knew that I needed composure to survive this trip.

Who knew such beauty could instill such fear.
I couldn't turn back for my dream was near.

Once I placed my second foot I knew,
Trust my body, it will know what to do.

The first step is where it all counts,
That's when the danger and fear all mounts.

Compared to that first step the second was a breeze.
I took the third and fourth with even more ease.

The fifth and sixth were no problem at all.
After the seventh I knew I couldn't fall.

I knew that I could finish this walk.
I was so excited I couldn't even talk. 

Finally I could take in the view, 
A magnificent sight I wish everyone knew.

I was living my dream, feeling like I could fly.
I was almost a quarter mile up in the sky.

The next thing I knew I stepped off the end. 
I wasn't ready to leave, so I went on again.

Seven more times I traveled to and fro,
Listening to the enchanting crowd below.


It wasn't until then something caught my eye:
A bird flying further up in the sky.

Its eyes as red as blood freshly spilled.
I knew if I stayed, I would likely be killed.

The gods allowed me to share in their fun,
But I sensed my time in their realm was done.

I reluctantly made my way off the line.
I knew I had finished that dream of mine. 

They asked, "Why?" people from every color and every nation.
I told them all the same answer, "There is no explanation."

A dream as big as the towers

  My poem is titled A Dream as Big as the Towers. I watched the video a second time and wrote my poem while the video played. I did this so the events in the poem would be in chronological order and also so I could re-experience the film with new thoughts fresh in my mind.

A Dream as Big as the Towers

1,376 feet in the air, Philippe Petit stepped onto a tightrope 
A tightrope that stretched the massive length between the twin towers. 
I watched with a lump in my throat
But Philippe smiled as he crossed the wire with power.

New Yorkers on the streets below stared in awe
While I admired the small figure crossing the wire.
Philippe wouldn't even be stopped by the law
With eight passes across the rope Philippe had managed to inspire.

His walk between the towers proved
You can make your own dreams a reality. 
With Philippe's walk I was moved
Accomplishing your goals is just a matter of mentality. 

Philippe inspired me
With a dream as big as the towers.

Exercise 1- Phillipe Petite Poem

I actually somewhat enjoy writing some types of poetry, for example things that i am passionate about or really hit home with me. This exercise was sort of a bust because it doesn't cover the entire course of action but instead the moments leading up to the extraordinary walk.

A Dream as Big as the Towers'

The first time the idea had crossed my mind,
I was left spellbound.
Two giant towers,
One-thousand and three-hundred feet
off the ground.
This was once in a lifetime
and most likely a crime.

Aluminum and spotless glass,
steel columns and reenforced beams,
I took one last look down at this glorious world
as if it may be my last sight.
But even knowing this..
even knowing this could be my last moment, 
I remembered my dream.

So I closed my eyes, 
and stepped forward.
And for forty-five minutes,
to a degree
I was finally free. 

Philppe Petite Skyler Siles

 Introduction: I did this poem this morning before I drove up for my first class. I prefer to do things in the morning compared to at night because I feel refreshed and I believe some of my best ideas and thoughts come from after I have slept. When writing this poem, I chose to try to focus more on his experience and how the storyline eventually led to the connotation of the word "Twin Towers" that was mostly conceived by everyone before 9/11 occurred 

Philippe Petite

"Its dirty, full of skyscrapers, I love it"
thought by the frenchmen coming up and seeing New York City.
At the base of the Twin Towers, "Its Impossible" he thought.
He climbed, Creeped and made is way up the tower to the top.

At the top he thought "Its Impossible"
looking across the NY skyline.
He climbed back down to the base of where he first emerged,
only to look back up and say "Its Possible"

As he and his assitants set up the 1 inch wire,
With a shot of a Bow and Arrow the wire flew
It cleared the 130 foot gap between the towers.
He stepped up, with balancing pole in hand and started to do what he could not live without.

With each step it became eaiser,
and with each easy step a crowd below began to form.
As they peered up to the dot of which was a man, they clapped and cheered
as he began to preform dances, tricks onto which they may look.

More than 8 passes on that 1 inch wire suspend 1/4 of a mile high,
passed 45 minutes of his time. He peered up to see a bird with red eyes,
like if it was a symbol from the gods to let him know his time is up.
With his last walk across, he ended where he started.

Cops waited for his arrival with cuffs in hands.
as Philippe Petite was taken down,
they asked what made him do this
and with a simple response he gave there was no reason, He just had to do it.

The year of 1974
Philippe Petite did the impossible.
That dirty city, those ugly towers that he loved so much
gained a face, a person, a figure to which they may call their very own.  

Philippe Petite: Alex Thompson

The walk that Philippe completed actually made me feel multiple different emotions. Many of the words and phrases he used to describe his walk helped me experience how he felt and what as going through his mind. The way he described his story helped me piece together my poem. I tried to capture some of his emotions and major events that happened.

Philippes Walk
Walking across the thin wire
I looked down...

Fear was not an expression or thought I retained
But was the least of my worries

As I walked between the two tall glistening towers
I became one with them

I felt the motions and the swaying of them throughout the one inch wire.
The tall beautiful monuments of the world possessed a life of their own

As I walked I could feel and hear the echo of my audience below
They were cheering for me...

On one of my eight walks I spotted a bird flying above me
It possessed red eyes and looked into me

I know my time had come for me to end my walk
After eight walks I ended where I began

In the end the towers became a part of me
I can still see them in the very spot they used to stand.

Petit Poem Matt Kappes

For my poem i began to identify a lot of Petit's quotes and utilize what he brought to my mind. So after a bit of thinking i decided my poem should be about dreams, defying limits, and making reality your own domain. The things i was sure to depict were Petit's persona, the city, the craziness, and the crowd. I decided to make my poem rhyme because it honestly came naturally and helped me finish my poem in under an hour. So here's my poem "It's impossible but I'll do it." P.S. read the parentheses.

"It's impossible but I'll do it."
There once was a man named Philippe Petit,
who enjoyed walking wires on his feet.

Later in his career Philippe wanted to do more,
so he brought his wire to New York.

Here Petit set his eyes on the towers,
something that would take him months and hours.

With these towers now his friends,
here a dream in 1974 begins.

On the night of August 6th,
they tied the ropes checked & checked again.

Then the next morning an hour after six,
Petit would start out with walking then continue with tricks.

An echo of the audience cheering below, 
this was quoted a "Once in a lifetime show."

Now the police an the tower's owner gather,
Only to see Petit cheering with laughter.

After eight crossings in 45 minutes,
Petit showed his defying of limits.

So after the show & all the publicity,
Petit was taken then into custody.

And even with no permit & laughing at cops,
Tizzoli (tower owner) made sure the charges were dropped.

So now Petit with dreams like ours,
Shows that reality can go just as far.

Philippe Petit Poem by Kristen Orewiler

When I started writing this poem, I wasn't really sure what emotions I would feel while composing it. I sat around for a while and had to think about all the facts that I heard in the video. When I finally began writing, I had three different pieces of paper sitting in front of me with different lines on every single page. In my opinion, when I wrote this poem I only used periods when I really wanted to stress the thought of what is being said. When finally finishing the poem, I realized I had the same feeling (only not as strong) as Philippe had. I believe walking across the twin towers like he had was a huge accomplishment that I was even excited about. It's really neat when I hear all the wonderful accomplishments of history happen in the United States.

Philippe Petit

I came out from darkness and into the light,
My dreams were many but this one was unique,
Studying the towers for about eight months,
I knew this dream could be real.
In 1974, Tuesday August 6th, the heavy crates were lifted up,
The bow and arrow flew across with that fishing line,

August 7th I stepped out on that line,
walking the towers from peak to peak,
while overlooking the city I loved so much,
Hearing all the whooping and hollering,
I couldn't help but to smile,
I finally gave the towers publicity that Guy Tozzoli always wanted,
Even though I did it all for me.

After crossing the wire eight different times and my dream being complete,
I finally climbed down where they all surrounded me,
They instantly arrested me, but it was all worth it,
Because in the end, they just let me be free,
The whole city of New York was there to applaud me,
This dream was as big as the towers.

You need dreams to live, so therefore I leave you this,
Promise me you'll never stop dreaming.
Then maybe one day, your dream will be a reality.
Exercise 1: Hunter Burnett - Accomplishing Great Heights

Introduction: This poem took about 15-20 minutes for me to write. I used, I think, four out of the six Conventions of poetry that we wrote on the board. My poem was fairly brief, being only 16 lines. I used stanzas and rhyming. I did not include any alliteration or metaphors. 

Accomplishing Great Heights
A half mile from the ground stood the towers.
To build his confidence it must've taken hours.

Twenty-four when he decided he wasn't able,
Yet he still crossed on one inch cable

His dream was larger than the two.
The preparation took longer than a few.

"It's impossible, but ill do it", he said.
The feet between them was two hundred.

He walked, bounced, danced, and laid.
The whole town cheered as he played.

The police charged him with nothing,
For he was only accomplishing something.

When your goal is right in front of you,
You shouldn't have to receive a clue.

Go grab it,
Go have it. 

Philippe Petite Elianna Ponte

I've honestly never been good at writing poetry, so my purpose was to find words that rhymed while describing how I understood and felt about the experience. My process started with talking a little bit about Philippe and then going into the notes that I took from the video. I wanted to include as much information as I had remembered and written down from the video. The poem kind of went in order from beginning to end of the video.

Philippe's Walk
A man from France by the name of Philippe
He was a risk-taker and decided to take a leap
He traveled from France to New York City
And wasted no time; he got down to the "nitty gritty"
At 6pm on August 6th they snuck in
Disguised as delivery men; they were determined to win
Past 7pm, the people of Wall Street were in awe
1,360 feet above, Philippe Petite was defying the law.
People were cheering and screaming, he was dancing on top of the world
As he walked back and forth he twirled and he twirled

He smiled in disbelief. It was the easiest challenge he'd done so far
But he knew it was his time to go when he saw a bird, while laying on the wire
Police officers were dispatched and he was arrested
But he wasn't worried; his limits he'd tested
All charges were dropped and he kept performing
He spent a lot of time on the wire; from night to the morning
Around the country he became front page news
If you knew about Philippe Petite, you didn't have the blues
He left that day feeling honor and bliss.
And to mention one of his quotes he said, "life's not conceivable without doing this."

Philipe Petit Poem: Jared Mills

For writing my poem I used a fact I wrote down for the first and second line in each stanza, then found words that rhymed with the last word in each of those lines to end the third and fourth lines. This rhyme scheme is ABAB

An Amazing Feat

Such an amazing feat;
walking across one inch cable.
No way he was going to retreat,
no one would tell him he's unable.

24 years at the time 
thought his dream was impossible.
Authorities thought it was a crime.
Such a big obstacle

Smiling while walking,
he thought is was easy.
Below, people were gawking
the wind up there was breezy.

45 minutes 
8 crosses
pushing limits 
not worrying about losses.

Exploration 3: Lydia Freudenberg

 Philippe Petite Poem

This is my poem. I began writing this poem yesterday and was not planning on rhyming, but I liked how it flowed and I was able to express what I wanted my audience to feel. I basically summed up the experience Philippe had on the tight rope, but then my final line expresses how the nation looks at the twins towers today and how his amazing accomplishment seemed to of vanished.


Dancing. Dancing 1,320 feet off the ground.
His heart does not pound,
His mind is at ease
Two Twin Towers sway in the breeze.

The folks passing by stop and stare
Straining their necks in the warm August air.
The police get involved but stop when they see
Philippe is now down on his knee. 

Laying there above the Manhattan block 
He knows, "life was not considerable without doing this walk."
Then a bird passes by with his beady red eyes
And Philippe know it's time to say goodbye. 

Standing up and dancing off his one inch wire
Philippe's elegant performance will soon be engulfed
With the 9-11 fires.

Philippe Petit Poem by Michael Trawinski

     This poem took me about a day to write. What I decided to do for this poem is to put it all into rhyming lines. All of the lines are enjammed lines as well. I decided to have myself be a person in the poem who experiences what Philippe Petit does on top of the World Trade Center. I, along with other onlookers, see something that astonishes all of us as Philippe Petit walks across a wire between the roofs of the tallest buildings in the world.

There once was a man named Philippe Petit
Who thought of a dream in disbelief.
It was something he was going to do
Not something he was going to lose.
I saw him do it one day
And I thought to myself no way.
He was standing on a wire
And he soon had the desire
To walk between the two towers
Which were and almighty power.

I watched spellbound as he walked
While the rest of us had not talked.
I came to think he was intelligent
His walk was so elegant.
He finally came down
And we applauded him out loud.
He was nothing much apart
For he had a dream as big as his heart.

Phillipe Petite Poem Xavier Gregory

So for this poem I basically just took the notes from the movie and pick out the facts that showed the commitment that Phillipe Petite had in order to complete his ultimate dream. I also show that he had actually became friends with the towers and then I go into showing the actual danger that Phillipe Petite was in.

Me and the Tower
by Xavier Gregory

1974 first time in New York
Out of the darkness I emerged
There it was. Smiling in disbelief
I disguised myself to learn your secrets.
8 months go by, you told me so much
No gates, newly cut steel, and 200ft from
to center.
We became friends with each visit.
The time is now.

One foot on the wire and one on the
building. I take my first steps.
No protection from the void.
I can feel you move under my feet.
I laugh, I dance, I smile you bring me joy.
I've reached new heights
I've entered the territory of the Gods.
Message received, I got to go
I have achieved the impossible. 

Impossible by Mason Metcalf

     The poem I wrote is titled Impossible. I chose to start my poem off with the introducing the Twin towers ans also giving a little bit of information on how big they really are. My second stanza consisted of how Phillppes walk across the towers. The third stanza consisted of when he went off the tower and why he did such a daring act. 

Impossible was my first thought,
seeing two imposing towers
a quarter mile in the sky
and 130 feet between them.

A man dares walk across them
on nothing more then a wire. 
With no fear in his heart
the Twin Towers became his friend.
Smiling out of disbelief
Phillppe Petit walked on the line
not once, but eight times!
Performing for the crowd
he even laid down. 

Once he felt it was time
looking into a birds eye
he walked back on to the tower.
They asked him why
and he replied

You need a dream to live

A Dance on Top of the World: Lindsey Bridges

        First, I normally cringe at the thought of writing poetry. I do not mind reading it, but writing it is another story. When given the assignment of writing a poem, it took me awhile to get an idea of what I wanted in my head. It took me about three drafts before I was finally somewhat happy with the end product. I change things around a lot, and I also find myself repeating words, so I go back and change those as well. So, in conclusion, poetry is not my style of writing, it takes me awhile to finally write something I like, and then I go back and change it about twenty other times. With that being said, enjoy my poem.

A Dance on Top of the World
New York lay deep in financial crisis.
Old, dirty, and full of skyscrapers,
Petit said "I love it."
This love brought a dream,
to make the impossible, possible.
He knew without this dream, death
would surely come.
It was time to make dreams reality.

One hundred and sixty feet in the air,
Petit stepped on the wire.
Overwhelmed by simplicity,
he made eight crosses.
Walking on air,
he heard the crowd cheering below.
A man said "this is incredible,"
and indeed it was.

When it was time to close the curtain,
Petit stepped off the wire,
leaving the world spellbound,
and himself an accomplished man.
Never will it be forgotten,
this dance on top of the world.

Philippe Petit's Amazing Feat- Chris Ward

When I began this poem, I unfortunately had a pre-conceived idea of specific words I wanted to use. This messed up some of my stanza's ryhming schemes because I was dead-set on using specific words to get a point across.

Philippe Petit's Amazing Feat

A moment forged by ambition
Soon forgotten by tragedy
Reignites imagination
Will now be remembered for eternity.

Philippe Petit, a tight rope walker
Lays eyes on the Twin Towers
Two tall ugly structures
Destined to be icons in our best and darkest hours. 

After much preparation, not daunted by reality,
Philippe Petit prepares for his debut.
The first leap with the birds, simplicity.
Daring to do what no other man would do.

More like a dancer than a walker,
He layed, he jumped during 8 crossings that day.
The crowds loved the danger
The cops were even amazed, until they had their say.

A single act challenging the impossible
Brought a face to the once dark dreary structures.
Proved that man is truly unstoppable.
Conquering a "Dream as big as the towers".

Choe's Poem

I'm not very good at writing poems. Mostly because I feel that poems are less structure based than essays or research papers. Because of this, I decided to write a haiku since haiku's have specific guidelines and it's more straight forward. I think the hardest part of writing this was thinking of words that mean what I want to say and make sense. So, I spent most of my time counting out syllables with my fingers.

The Man on the Wire

An afternoon breeze
shakes the cable that extends
across, edge to edge

On top the towers, 
stood a man who has dreams for
the impossible

He glances across
between him and life he walks.
No hesitation

Little steps to walks
Walking turns into dancing
laying for a break

Time comes to leave
By a signal from nature
he walks off the line

He conquered the world
this act turned him into the
Man on the wire.

Preston Wilkin Poem

The process in writing this poem was pretty simple. It took me about 45 minutes to write the whole thing. How I wrote it was that I would come up with a sentence that I liked and wanted to use. Next I would find a word to rhyme with the line above and the create a sentence to match the idea of the stanza and the line above, and so on and so forth.  In this poem i was trying to portray the feelings Philippe had about the walk and his preparations to cross the towers. In the end this is what I came up with.

Up in the Sky
By: Preston Wilkin

Up in the sky
Stood a tower so high
And a little away 
Stood its twin clear as day

The towers great height
Gave some men a fright
But one had a dream 
To cross on a wire not a beam

He prepared for years
Through blood sweat and tears
To cross on a cable
When he thought he wasn't able

And when the day came
He had no fear and no shame
To dance on the cable
simply because he was able.

Up in the sky
Between the towers so high
A man's dream was for filled
And left the whole world thrilled

The Twins by LaCrista Keller

My poem is about the way Philippe Petit felt while he was tightroping between The Twin Towers. I honestly do not know how long it took me to write this poem, once I started putting my thoughts down on paper the poem seemed to write itself. I tried very hard to put a lot of the lines that were used in the documentary into my paper, I felt it made the poem connect directly to the documentary. Here is my poem "The Twins".

The Twins

That's what he thought

But he'll do it.

Like a slap in the face, his dream was impossible.
Like a bird in the sky 
invader of their territory
He had entered the belly of the Twin Beasts.

He was dancing on top of the world
Playing with the fear everyone had but him
He wasn't a tightrope walker

He was a dancer. 

Jumping and laying between the Twins
No fear. 
He was overwhelmed with ease

Back and forth he danced
Doing the tango with death
but he was always one step ahead

He had done it. 

He had conquered the Twins.
Brent Nicol Introduction:  Dreams Up High
                         This poem I wrote took me about 30 minutes to write. I looked at my notes from the video we watched in class, and I tried to tie together the whole story within 14 lines. I found out that meeting the required limit was very easy because, as I was writing, I began to realize that I had to make sure that I did not go over the limit. I also tried to make each stanza a different part in the story. The first stanza was more about the dream and preperation. The second stanza is about the dream being achieved.

Philippe Petit had and extraordinary dream
to walk he twin towers on a beam. 
His dream was as tall as the towers
as his passion grew and flourished.
He disregarded the law as his passion grew
and he climbed to the top and no one knew.
He planned his dream and thought it impossible
but his tenacity and courage did not waver
as he gathered supplies and snuck
 to the top of the of the south sky scraper.
Using his supplies that he had taken to the top
he began to see his dream unravel.

He secured the cable to both tall buildings
and was starstruck by the beauty 
at thirteen hundred feet up.
He began to walk his dream along the cable
and he began to dance and jump
and he floated like a bird on thin air.
He flew for fourty five minutes
and he made eight passes back and forth.
The people of New York cheered for Philippe 
as his dream was coming true
He achieved the impossible 
which teaches us one thing
that life is good and you
should never stop following your dream.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Exploration Two: Jacob Keller

          Hey my name is Jacob Keller.  I went to Olentangy High School.  There I was in the marching band and was on the tennis team.  My fun fact was that I build and work with computers.  The desktop I use at home I built myself.  I enjoy working on them because with computers I am able to create and teach myself new things.  Some other things I enjoy are listening to music, working on my car, and doing outdoor activities like hiking and camping.  At OSU I am a computer science major and plan to do IT work in the future. 

         The writer that I chose was Eudora Welty.  What I thought was interesting about her was the fact that her early career did not involve writing but was mostly centered around photography.  The photographs that she took however did help shape her future writings and lead to her developing skills to be able to make direct connections between literary and visual ideas.

         The poem that I chose to read was "Songs for the people" written by Frances E. W. Harper.  This poem stood out to me because the poem talks about singing songs to various people and fitting them to specific situations and emotions.  Why I like this poem is because like in the poem I believe that there is always a song to express any situation or emotion that is felt.