Monday, September 8, 2014

Exploration Two from Choe

 Hi, my name is Alex Choe. I'm from Powell OH. The fun fact I said in class was that I used to be able to solve a rubik's cube in under a minute. This was accomplished in middle school. I haven't touched a cube since the eighth grade actually. Most people think it's all about math, but it's really about memorizing codes so to speak. Not numbers or equations.

The author I decided to research was Frances EW Harper. I found out that Frances was the daughter of free black parents and she grew up in her uncle's home.What I thought was interesting was the way she achieved her fame or success. She achieved her initial success through one public speech she made, and that landed her a two year lecture tour in Maine to speak for the state Anti-slavery society. I found this interesting because today it takes persistence and a lot of hard work to become famous or successful. All it took for her to get famous was a simple lecture she did Massachusetts.

The poem I decided to read was Bury Me in a Free Land. This poem kind of reminds me of the popular movie Django Unchained. Mostly because the poem reminds me of all the terrible things slave owners and traders would do to their slaves and the movie really reminded me of it. The part in the poem where Frances says "Of blood hounds seizing their human prey", really reminded me of the one scene in the movie where Leonardo DiCaprio lets his dogs chew up a captured runaway.

A literacy event that has changed my that I remember would be when i was playing the video game Skyrim. I just finished a quest and I was talking to one of the characters in the game and he said something along the lines of, "Is it better to be born good, or to overcome evil nature?". I didn't really think about it at first, but when I went to bed that night, that's all I could think about. After that night, I realized that people can change and it doesn't matter what they did in there past life because you can't change your past, but you can alter your future.This made me reflect on my past actions, so I could progressively become a better human being.


  1. Hi Choe,
    I really liked your literacy event. It relates really good to people because it is a video game but not only that but it also explains how we should view people, not on their past but on what they are doing now.

  2. I think thats an incredible draw from a video game and an even better movie reference! that movie was incredibly gruesome especially during that scene (I actually read somewhere that the guy died in that scene but found out it was a hoax. Your picture is a headspinner as well and i look forward to talking to you more! awesome first post though

  3. Hey Choe, I have to ask, why do you have all those clothes pins on your face in your picture? Besides that, I think that's amazing that you could solve a Rubik's cube that quickly, I had friends that tried to learn, but could never get the hang of it. Do you think that is someone handed you one right now you would be able to solve it as quick as you used to?

  4. That pretty cool Choe being able to complete a rubik's cube under minute. I normally solve them by just taking the stickers off and then replacing them. Do you think you could still solve the rubik's cube that fast?

  5. Sup Choe, i also spent a lot of time in Powell the last couple of years. Most of my friends are from there. Your literacy event is interesting too!


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