Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Dance on Top of the World: Lindsey Bridges

        First, I normally cringe at the thought of writing poetry. I do not mind reading it, but writing it is another story. When given the assignment of writing a poem, it took me awhile to get an idea of what I wanted in my head. It took me about three drafts before I was finally somewhat happy with the end product. I change things around a lot, and I also find myself repeating words, so I go back and change those as well. So, in conclusion, poetry is not my style of writing, it takes me awhile to finally write something I like, and then I go back and change it about twenty other times. With that being said, enjoy my poem.

A Dance on Top of the World
New York lay deep in financial crisis.
Old, dirty, and full of skyscrapers,
Petit said "I love it."
This love brought a dream,
to make the impossible, possible.
He knew without this dream, death
would surely come.
It was time to make dreams reality.

One hundred and sixty feet in the air,
Petit stepped on the wire.
Overwhelmed by simplicity,
he made eight crosses.
Walking on air,
he heard the crowd cheering below.
A man said "this is incredible,"
and indeed it was.

When it was time to close the curtain,
Petit stepped off the wire,
leaving the world spellbound,
and himself an accomplished man.
Never will it be forgotten,
this dance on top of the world.


  1. I can really see the work that you put into this poem. It's very thought out and well put together. Without reading your intro I would have never guessed that you didn't like poetry.

  2. I enjoyed your poem, very much. I loved how you started and ended with same line. I love how you incorporated Philippe's emotions and thoughts and how you really expressed how incredible of a dream this was for Philippe.

  3. I like how you describe the city of New York at the beginning of the poem. It describes what it looks like and also gives us a sense of what people were going through during a financial crisis. Then someone does something amazing that would just make everyone else forget about their own problems and witness something inspiring. I also like the line "It was time to make dreams reality." It really draws on about what Petit's story is about.

  4. I really loved the poem's closing stanza. I honestly felt if it had been done any other way I think would not have fit it with it's very strong intro. Awesome poem and i would have to say it's my favorite so far.


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