Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Exploration Two: Jacob Keller

          Hey my name is Jacob Keller.  I went to Olentangy High School.  There I was in the marching band and was on the tennis team.  My fun fact was that I build and work with computers.  The desktop I use at home I built myself.  I enjoy working on them because with computers I am able to create and teach myself new things.  Some other things I enjoy are listening to music, working on my car, and doing outdoor activities like hiking and camping.  At OSU I am a computer science major and plan to do IT work in the future. 

         The writer that I chose was Eudora Welty.  What I thought was interesting about her was the fact that her early career did not involve writing but was mostly centered around photography.  The photographs that she took however did help shape her future writings and lead to her developing skills to be able to make direct connections between literary and visual ideas.  http://www.neh.gov/humanities/2014/marchapril/feature/the-quiet-greatness-eudora-welty

         The poem that I chose to read was "Songs for the people" written by Frances E. W. Harper.  This poem stood out to me because the poem talks about singing songs to various people and fitting them to specific situations and emotions.  Why I like this poem is because like in the poem I believe that there is always a song to express any situation or emotion that is felt.


  1. I was in the marching band at River Valley High School, so I guess you and I have some experiences in that field. I did find your fact about Eudora Welty to be very interesting, especially how she got writing skills from photography. I also like your idea about what you think the poem "Songs for the People" was about. I think that it is a truly inspiring poem.

  2. Hey jacob, I think it is so cool that you can build your own computers! That seems like an awesome thing to be able to do because it is cheaper and you can make it however you want. It doesn't have to be just the standard you get what you get computer that you buy at the store. I wish you luck in your future and i look forward to having this class with you.

  3. Hi Jacob! I think that it is so awesome that you can build your own computers. That is a skill that I am assuming not many people have. You are clearly in the right major since you are so good with computers. Good luck!


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