Sunday, September 14, 2014

Writing Exercise One: Lauren Richards

        The first time I was introduced to Philippe Petit was last year in my English class. We watched a ted talk with him talking about his walk. We also read Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann which was based around his walk. The first time I saw him talk about his walk across the twin towers I was amazed by the amount of energy he had when describing it all. I still wonder what would compel somebody to think that walking across two of the tallest towers was a good idea. That is what I wanted to show in my poem is the moment of him seeing the towers and wanting to walk across. I have never been great at writing poetry so my poem was more of a free verse poem. It took about fifteen minutes to write, however editing it was more of a challenge as I was trying to figure out what to add or take out.

An Impossible Dream

The screeching of the breaks
echoes through the crowded 
and filthy subway cart.
 I begin to follow out
 with the horde of rushing people as I
 make my way to the opening of the street.

As I emerge from the darkness
 my gaze is forced upward
 at the marvelous sight of the World Trade Center. 
 It's beauty is so grand that it became evident.
 I saw my dream right in front of my face in that moment,
 and that dream seemed to be as big as the towers them-self.

 It seemed impossible but I know I will do it.


  1. I love the line breaks and the fact that it's before his walk on the wire. The first person is spot on and the quotes were excellent choices!

  2. I really like how you decided to put the poem in the perspective of Phillip. I did that as well for my poem and I think that it gives the poem a certain tone and imagery for the reader. Makes it feel as if I am there.

  3. I laughed when I read how you wrote "I still wonder what would compel somebody to think that walking across two of the tallest tower was a good idea" because it is so true! What a crazy yet perfectly balanced man. Literally and mentally. I also loved your poem because unlike everyone else, at least what from I observed, yours wasn't about that walk but about the moments leading up to the walk and that in itself is powerful. Nice work.

  4. I like how it was done in a first person perspective. I was debating to do this, but the way how you use the stanzas and line breaks make it seem really like if you were him.

  5. You have very good use of Imagery it almost feel like I am really there.


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