Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Michael Trawinski
Brent Nicol
Radio Ad

Brent> Hi! I'm Brent from Superwash Carwash! Are you tired of being too busy to wash your car? Are you tired of your wife nagging you all of the time to just get it done? Well man up! Here's Michael with a word of advice.

Michael> At Superwash Carwash! Your car can be washed in a matter of 30 seconds! So when it is over, you feel relieved that your car has been washed so quickly that you don't have to worry about how busy your daily schedule is in order to get it washed! It has already been washed in the blink of an eye! Now you can be happy just to have a simple task checked off of your list. So come on down to Superwash Carwash!! And get a jaw dropping experience that will make you feel less exhausted, get more excited, and feel like more of a man!


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