Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Philippe Petit Poem by Kristen Orewiler

When I started writing this poem, I wasn't really sure what emotions I would feel while composing it. I sat around for a while and had to think about all the facts that I heard in the video. When I finally began writing, I had three different pieces of paper sitting in front of me with different lines on every single page. In my opinion, when I wrote this poem I only used periods when I really wanted to stress the thought of what is being said. When finally finishing the poem, I realized I had the same feeling (only not as strong) as Philippe had. I believe walking across the twin towers like he had was a huge accomplishment that I was even excited about. It's really neat when I hear all the wonderful accomplishments of history happen in the United States.

Philippe Petit

I came out from darkness and into the light,
My dreams were many but this one was unique,
Studying the towers for about eight months,
I knew this dream could be real.
In 1974, Tuesday August 6th, the heavy crates were lifted up,
The bow and arrow flew across with that fishing line,

August 7th I stepped out on that line,
walking the towers from peak to peak,
while overlooking the city I loved so much,
Hearing all the whooping and hollering,
I couldn't help but to smile,
I finally gave the towers publicity that Guy Tozzoli always wanted,
Even though I did it all for me.

After crossing the wire eight different times and my dream being complete,
I finally climbed down where they all surrounded me,
They instantly arrested me, but it was all worth it,
Because in the end, they just let me be free,
The whole city of New York was there to applaud me,
This dream was as big as the towers.

You need dreams to live, so therefore I leave you this,
Promise me you'll never stop dreaming.
Then maybe one day, your dream will be a reality.


  1. I really enjoyed your poem because I actually felt like I was living his life through his eyes and his own experiences. Also, I found the structure of your poem intriguing because I haven't seen many poems like that before.

  2. I thought your poem was very well written. I liked how your stanzas were very organized, and I like how you used the last three lines of your poem to tie the whole piece together. Job well done.

  3. I loved reading your poem, it was well written. It told the full story of Philippe Peiti's walk and the emotions he experienced. My favorite part of the poem was in the last stanza, it summed up the poem very well and left you feeling inspired.

  4. I absolutely enjoyed this poem and i can relate on the feelings thought process. This peom was very well organized and i could appreciate reading a lot. Good job and i loved the ending the most.

  5. I really liked how you used so many exact words Petit said in the video, It made it feel like it was Petit himself was describing this experience he was having. When you said, in the paragraph before the poem, that you wanted to stress what was being said I think you completely accomplished this. It gave a feeling of how Petit felt when he made this incredible journey.

  6. I like this because it was like a story. I enjoyed how you told his events in order and the reactions of the spectators.

  7. I liked your poem a lot. It tells me exactly what happened which is a great thing for someone that has no idea who this man is. I like how you make each stanza its own sentence and then the last stanza had very short sentences. It is a great style and i really like it.


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