Monday, September 8, 2014

Preston WIlkin Exploration 2

Hello my name is Preston Wilkin. My fun fact was that I have been to India. I am from Dublin Ohio and I am majoring in Zoology. I am the youngest child in my family. I have only one sibling, My sister, who is a junior at Baldwin Wallace University. In high school I was very active in my schools theater program. When I graduate I plan on becoming a zookeeper at the Columbus zoo and aquarium.

The author that I researched was Fredrick Douglass. The interesting fact that I read was that after he wrote his first book narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass, he fled to England to avoid being captured because he had mention the names and locations of his former owners. It is interesting to me because I have heard a lot about him but I never knew that he mentioned his former owners in his book and that he had went to Europe.

The poem that I liked the best was Bury me in a free land by Frances E. Harper. this one was my favorite because it was the one I understood the most and it had a very clear message. what I noticed most in this poem was that it had a grim over tone for me while I was reading it. the language in the poem helped to establish this by using a lot of words with negative tones to them like graves, slaves, gash, prey, and shame. this language also stood out because it determined the tone of the poem.

the biggest literacy event that has happened to me recently would be when i read the book The Things They Carried, by Tim O'Brian in high school. this book had a big impact on be because it focused on the soldiers in war and not just on the battles. it talked about how every thing they did and saw while they were in Vietnam stayed with them long after they left. i think that this speak to the nature of people and how life shapes us into the people that we are today. it also shows how the same event can have drastically different perspectives and reactions for different people.


  1. I thought the most interesting part about your post was that you are majoring in zoology. I have a friend who majored in zoology and she seemed to really enjoy it. I wish you the best of luck in your future plan, and I am sure you will enjoy that career.

  2. I agree with you completely about "The Things They Carried". That book scares me a bit because my fiance is in the Marine Corps and I have always been terrified of him getting deployed. I know multiple people who suffer from PTSD and that frightens me. I also feel that once you go into war the war will change you, you said how everything they did in Vietnam stayed with them and I believe that that is true. How could you forget something so horrible as war?

  3. I thought it was interesting to see how you are majoring in zoology. All throughout high school I wanted to major in zoology but did not know anybody else who was interested in this field. However now coming to the Marion campus I now know three people who are. I also volunteered at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for two years and I know if you get a job there you will love the environment working there, its so much fun!


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