Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Philippe Petite Elianna Ponte

I've honestly never been good at writing poetry, so my purpose was to find words that rhymed while describing how I understood and felt about the experience. My process started with talking a little bit about Philippe and then going into the notes that I took from the video. I wanted to include as much information as I had remembered and written down from the video. The poem kind of went in order from beginning to end of the video.

Philippe's Walk
A man from France by the name of Philippe
He was a risk-taker and decided to take a leap
He traveled from France to New York City
And wasted no time; he got down to the "nitty gritty"
At 6pm on August 6th they snuck in
Disguised as delivery men; they were determined to win
Past 7pm, the people of Wall Street were in awe
1,360 feet above, Philippe Petite was defying the law.
People were cheering and screaming, he was dancing on top of the world
As he walked back and forth he twirled and he twirled

He smiled in disbelief. It was the easiest challenge he'd done so far
But he knew it was his time to go when he saw a bird, while laying on the wire
Police officers were dispatched and he was arrested
But he wasn't worried; his limits he'd tested
All charges were dropped and he kept performing
He spent a lot of time on the wire; from night to the morning
Around the country he became front page news
If you knew about Philippe Petite, you didn't have the blues
He left that day feeling honor and bliss.
And to mention one of his quotes he said, "life's not conceivable without doing this."


  1. Wow... this is great! I love it! You captured some of the process and what he felt while on the wire! I really like this. Also the rhyme scheme added a nice effect to it. I really like the quote at the end.

  2. I really like how you spent a decent section of the poem talking about the aftermath of the walk. The reason it is a historic event is because of the impact it had on the world and the towers, and you captured that. That is almost the most important part of what he did. Good job.

  3. I absolutely love your word choice and how they rhymed with the following lines. Sometimes when people try to rhyme they use words that don't really make sense for the sake of rhyming. But your poem was cohesive throughout the whole thing and I really admire that. Great job overall!


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