Monday, September 8, 2014

Exploration 2 Xavier Gregory


         Hello my name is Xavier Gregory and I graduated from Olentangy Orange high school. I play four out of my 15 years of soccer for the high school team and I also helped run a soccer camp for kids in elementary school during two of my years there. My interesting fact is that I have been playing soccer for 15 years and I have 3 younger siblings. All three of my younger siblings also play soccer too and I really enjoy playing with them. I would like to help them with soccer related goals. 

         The author that I chose was Frederick Douglass, he was . One interesting fact that I found out about him is that for being an intellectual African-American he became a target for everyone who was for slavery. So after publishing one of his autobiography he left for Ireland in order to avoid capture by those who were after him. I also choose Frederick Douglass because in high school i had to do a project on him in history and learning that he was perhaps one of the smartest people in the world at that time is very inspiring to strive to be superior despite being African-American.

          For the poem that I choose For Brother Everywhere, and what really stood out to me was the language. The way that  the author uses his own slang to put a little part if his life in the writing in order get the audience  to imagine the experience that he had. This was my favorite poem because it obviously is about sports and I can make a connection with that because I have a love for sports. One question that i have about this poem is why did he specifically choose this event to write about? What major event or lesson came out of playing basketball with these people give him?

      One literacy event that really affected my life was that of To Kill a Mockingbird. That book really made me look at what I thought would be morally right and wrong. In the book Atticus Finch the main characters father was a lawyer and took on the responsibility of being an African-American's Lawyer. At that specific time it was frowned upon for a white male to defend an African-American. But Atticus stood above the norm and defended him because he knew it was right.


  1. I also read To Kill A Mockingbird and i thought that book was incredible for so many reasons and it is an incredible piece of work for the way it portrays morals and just how things really were. I am also the oldest of my siblings and i love being active i play basketball, football, and a little soccer. I think it's so cool that you really dedicate a lot to soccer and i hope it's paying off as well! I think it's a sport that used to be so huge and i think it can only get bigger every year. Best of luck to you and we should see about getting pickup soccer games going somewhere around campus?

  2. Hi Xavier, I also played soccer in high school, my freshman and sophomore year; two of the most enjoyable years on my life. I think it's funny that we may have played against each other our freshman and sophomore years and not even know it. That's really cool that your siblings play soccer too; it'll be fun to see how they progress over the years.

  3. I read To Kill A Mocking bird in high school and it was one of my favorite books that we read. my favorite thing in it was all of the different lessons that atticus tried to teach scout. It also was interesting to read about atticus's reactions to the court decisions.

  4. I think it's really impressive to be playing a single sport for that long. I don't even think that I knew what soccer was at that age. I feel like we might have played soccer during the summer on the turf fields at main campus.

  5. I have read To Kill a Mocking Bird to and I felt the same way about how Atticus supported the black man and even protected him. He did what was very unnormal and he felt it was right so he defended him.


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