Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome, and first Blog Exploration Two from Mike Lohre

Hello, students, and welcome to our blog!

The first thing you must do is get a Gmail account, which you should have done prior to class.  Then, using that Gmail address, please write to me at and I will invite you to the blog.

You will then have to follow some steps and verifications to become a member of our blog.  I will help you if we come into any problems, so please just raise your hand as help is needed in the lab.

Once you are a member, you will see your Gmail address appear in the upper right hand corner, and only then can you post to the blog.

To do a New Post, you must again find that link in the upper right hand corner.  Click New Post and a window will appear to let you compose.

Please title all your writings, and use a username that is either your name or nickname so we know who is writing.  Only class members will be on this blog.

--For your first post, write a paragraph where you introduce yourself, remind us of your fun fact, and share some things about you.  Also, please post a photo of yourself so we can always come back to this and associate your name with your face and introduction.

--In your next paragraph, do some research about one of the authors read today.  Could be Frederick Douglass, Eudora Welty, Tim Seibles, or Frances W. Harper.  Write a paragraph where you share the most interesting thing that you found, and tell us why.   Then provide a link to one good internet source that you used so we can click it and see it for ourselves.   You will have to use the blog features to do this, and we will work on this in class today to make sure everyone knows how to use the composing tools on the blog.

--For your third and final paragraph, share your reactions and response to one of the poems we read in class today.  Which was your favorite?  Why?  What did you notice in this poem?  Where did the language stand out?  Why?  What questions do you have about this poem?  Etc.

Good luck, have fun, and just let me know when you need help!

All best,

Mike Lohre

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