Monday, September 8, 2014

Exploration 2 from Kyle

Hi my name is Kyle Doubikin. My fun fact was that i love skiing and being active in sports. Throughout the span of my high school career i played football, basketball, lacrosse, and did a little track. I'm excited to begin this new chapter of my life at The Ohio State University. I still am currently undecided about my major area of study.

I chose to find out a little more about the story and life of Frances W. Harper. She was born in 1825, in the town of Baltimore, as the only child of a free African-American couple. Her mother died when Frances was only three years old. After the death, she was raised by her aunt and uncle. After attending a school for young Negro's for a few years, and ended up teaching but Frances felt as if she had a bigger, more important purpose in her life. She became an active speaker on the topic of the abolition of slavery, helping slaves escape utilizing the secrecy of the underground railroad, and wrote for anti-slavery newspapers. This boosted her into her more famous career as a very accomplished writer and poet. Some pieces of her work can be found by following the link below...

I also chose to look at Frances w. Harper's poem, Bury Me in a Free Land. The rhyme scheme employed is AABB, which may seem very simple and easy for such a prolific writer. But within the text, Harper's word choice makes her audience see slavery her type of way. Although she gives a plethora of different examples of what may disturb her final rest, she employs the idea that she would happily die for the abolition of slavery, if it means putting a stop to the people who tormented and tore apart  African-Americans' and their families, and those to come.

 In my senior literature class we read the novel Sophie's World. It's honestly a very confusing read, but it made me ponder more about my outlook on life. The book tells a story of a young girl who seems to curiously stumble upon random pieces of philosophical advice written down on a note with her name on it. The piece later goes on to teach it's audience, and Sophie, furthermore about many different philosophers and their particular beliefs and it kind of lets you chose for yourself which one's you want to employ within your own life. It probably sounds kind of boring too and that's probably because it might be.. but it has many good lessons to offer.


  1. I see that we have very much in common when it comes to what we enjoy doing. I also participated in many sports in high school. Most of the sports I participated in were the same as yours except for lacrosse.

  2. Sup Kyle, I also like being active and in the sun. I used to be in track as well and I play a lot of football with my friends too. I'm not very good at football, but I still think it's fun to play.

  3. I chose the same poem for the same reason, I love they way that she would want to move her resting spot just to see the abolition of slavery. That intrigued me. But thats pretty cool about the skiing. I can't ski and if I did go skiing I probably wouldnt make it down the hill! But I love being active, I wrestled, played football, and baseball. I love sports and being active! But thats pretty cool about all the sports you played.


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