Monday, September 8, 2014

Exploration 2 Matt

Hi my name is Matt Kappes. I graduated in 2014 from Harding high school. My fun fact was that i cried during the fault in our stars and i work at finish line. I love watching movies movies and hanging out with my girlfriend. This past summer i think i watched over 30 movies (newer ones that is). I love playing football shooting the basketball and just chilling out in general.

The author i chose would be Frederick Douglas who personally is a huge part of the abolition movement and the ending of slavery altogether. I think the most interesting fact about Frederick Douglas would be the fact he impacted the Emancipation proclamation and actually talked to Abraham Lincoln himself. . It is crazy just to hear someone who was a slave had such a big impact on the ending to slavery and had his foot in the door as much as he did. Douglas himself was an extraordinary man and without him who could know what was to come with abolition movements losing such a huge part the community it was.

My favorite poem would be Songs for the People. I chose this poem because it is so cumbersome and relaxing yet it is asking so much. In the poem i noticed that is indirectly asking for people to have hope and help with whatever they may wish to do so. The language stands out in the second stanza taking such a big part of vocabulary following the first paragraph that helps you understand if you could not with context. My only question to this poem would be did this writing stir up and help the way the author had asked? It is honestly an incredible writing and the way the rhythm and rhymes (whether precise or broad) affect the reader are amazing, especially due to the fact it was a woman in that time period. I'm glad i got the chance to read this.

A recent literacy event from my life would be when i read The Glass Castle. The part that really affected me was learning about her parents. From chapter to chapter the two would bounce back between good parents and bad parents. This honestly brought me to be extremely thankful for the parents i have and the opportunities they have given me. For an example when the mother had
found the ring and it had value that could have beeb given up to help the family while they needed it. Yet the mother decided to keep it for her own selfish desires. My mom would have done the complete opposite of that and for many reasons like the one above i am extremely grateful and do not take my parents for granted.


  1. Matt, I can completely relate to your feelings towards Jeannette's parents in The Glass Castle. I was constantly torn between liking them and hating them. However, as the story continued I found that I hated them a lot more than I liked them. The story also made me thankful for my parents after reading about how Jeannette's parents treated her and her siblings so terribly.

  2. Matt, I am also a movie lover! so far i think that my favorite movie right now is Let's be cops. A close second would be guardians of the galaxy.Have you seen any of those? Whats a movie that you would recommend that i go see? I also chose my author as Frederick Douglass, I find it really inspirational that he was able to overcome the racial differences of his time.

  3. I think that it is wonderful that you cried during "The Fault in Our Stars", I too a baby! That book made me think that even though they had such a short amount of time left they mad every day count. Augustus and Hazel's relationship is what every human being should want. They loved each other unconditionally and without question. It was purely beautiful, John Green did such an amazing job with this novel.

  4. I like watching movies too. I haven't scene nearly as many movies as you this past summer, mostly because I forget about it. But I wish I have. I also like the picture you decided to upload to the blog. It really stands out from the other pictures I see mostly because it gave me a good laugh.

  5. I love your honesty haha. You sure take one fine picture. I wish I could have watched 30 movies this summer! The last movie I have sat down and watched (and enjoyed) was Lone Survivor. I watched Movie 43 with some friends and it completely made my summer worth while :)


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