Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Philppe Petite Skyler Siles

 Introduction: I did this poem this morning before I drove up for my first class. I prefer to do things in the morning compared to at night because I feel refreshed and I believe some of my best ideas and thoughts come from after I have slept. When writing this poem, I chose to try to focus more on his experience and how the storyline eventually led to the connotation of the word "Twin Towers" that was mostly conceived by everyone before 9/11 occurred 

Philippe Petite

"Its dirty, full of skyscrapers, I love it"
thought by the frenchmen coming up and seeing New York City.
At the base of the Twin Towers, "Its Impossible" he thought.
He climbed, Creeped and made is way up the tower to the top.

At the top he thought "Its Impossible"
looking across the NY skyline.
He climbed back down to the base of where he first emerged,
only to look back up and say "Its Possible"

As he and his assitants set up the 1 inch wire,
With a shot of a Bow and Arrow the wire flew
It cleared the 130 foot gap between the towers.
He stepped up, with balancing pole in hand and started to do what he could not live without.

With each step it became eaiser,
and with each easy step a crowd below began to form.
As they peered up to the dot of which was a man, they clapped and cheered
as he began to preform dances, tricks onto which they may look.

More than 8 passes on that 1 inch wire suspend 1/4 of a mile high,
passed 45 minutes of his time. He peered up to see a bird with red eyes,
like if it was a symbol from the gods to let him know his time is up.
With his last walk across, he ended where he started.

Cops waited for his arrival with cuffs in hands.
as Philippe Petite was taken down,
they asked what made him do this
and with a simple response he gave there was no reason, He just had to do it.

The year of 1974
Philippe Petite did the impossible.
That dirty city, those ugly towers that he loved so much
gained a face, a person, a figure to which they may call their very own.  


  1. I think it's interesting that you do things in the morning because it makes you feel refreshed. Props to you because I am not a morning person, and I've always wondered how people who do assignments/work in the mornings manage! I wish I would wake up feeling refreshed instead of tired and grumpy haha

  2. I like how you made it full circle with Philipe talking about how he likes the towers and the dirty city. I think it's easier to do things at night because I don't really have to worry about how long I have to finish something. Where as in the morning, I have to do it before my first class and I feel rushed.

  3. I liked how your poem had a lot of the different facts about the tower in it as well as how if told the whole story about his journey.

  4. I really enjoyed how you built this poem. The way you started with background information that made the poem what it was. I also enjoyed all the quotes and information given. It is a very "straight up", "to the point" poem. It was a great poem! I am also a morning person and do most of my studying and homework then. I too feel that feeling of being "refreshed" in the mornings.

  5. I like that you show the transition from impossible to possible and also I like how your poem includes his initial reaction to New York. I also like how you connect the towers to Phillipe in the last couple of lines, I think those lines have the power in the poem because you explain that they are basically human.

  6. This poem was interesting to me because of how much detail you included. I also like how you told the story in third person, it allowed you to capture the whole picture of the event.

  7. The use of quotes in your poem gave a new perspective on the story. It gave a sense of Phillipe's inner thoughts during the course of his adventure. The facts and quotes combined to give a meaningful recap of his great accomplishment. It also shows that something beautiful can come out of something dirty.

  8. I like how long you made your poem, it shows that you actually took some time to write this. I also really liked these lines: "That dirty city, those ugly towers that he loved so much
    gained a face, a person, a figure to which they may call their very own." It's sad that this amazing feat was shadowed by 9/11

  9. I enjoyed reading this poem. It had a lot of Philippe's personal words incorporated and that made it easy for me to feel what Philippe was feeling even though the poem was not written in his point of view. And how you went from the very start of his arrival in New York City to where he was arrested for taking a "leisurely walk." It was all captured very well through your words. Nice job!

  10. I really liked how you started the poem out with that quote. That comment that he made during the video was something that stood out for me also. I also really like how your poem is set up, very easy to read.


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