Sunday, September 7, 2014

Exploration Two: Zach Powell



        Hey my name is Zach Powell, and my fun fact was I want to be part of the mustang crew for ford. I love cars and performance and that is part of the reason I aspire to be a Mechanical Engineer. Im from Dublin, Ohio and went to Dublin Scioto High School. I am a sophomore now here at OSUM. I played soccer for three years in high school but have played soccer all my life. I played for a travel team called Team Ohio FC and got a concussion my sophomore year playing and it took me out of school for a month. I played junior year but decided to just stop cause I didn't hurt myself anymore. I play golf and tennis now just for fun. Back to cars, I have always loved cars/motorcycles and engines. My dream car is a 1967 Mustang GT.500. My step dad and I got a 1973 Triumph Tiger 750 TR7V earlier month, we bought it as a project bike and its been alot of fun! Hopefully within the week it should be running!


       I chose Frederick Douglass because he lived one heck of a life. He was born into slavery in Talbot County, Maryland and ended up being high up in government and social class. Douglass was unlike most slaves, he was taught to read and write. This knowledge let Douglass actually understand what all the whites were saying about slavery and beable to read books and learn. When he started to gain power he helped speak out and spread his life story and knowledge of slavery before and after the civil war.

       I chose Tim Seibles  poem For Bothers Everywhere. I picked it because I liked his use of similes and how he could make a basic basketball game sound so interesting and different. I felt like the poem was written as a player telling the reader what he was seeing. Seibles uses alot of slang in this poem but more as a way to get thoughts across in a more interesting way. I wonder what audience this was aimed toward. How did he group lots of completely strange slang phrases that seem to make no since together but seem to just work and flow and make since?

      The book To Kill a Mockingbird changed me because during the whole book the character Boo Radley was looked at as a killer and criminal. Boo Radley's house was a beater old falling apart house and no one had seen him during the entire book.  When Jem and Scout were walking home from school after a school play and Bob Ewell was drunk and attacked Jem and Scout and knocked Jem out. Scout heard another person that seem to be fighting Bob and then heard running and Jem was gone so Scout ran home screaming for Atticus her dad and they found Jem in his bed and the sheriff from Bob dead where the kids just were and found Boo in the room with Jem. Boo Radley the guy everyone was scared of wasnt actually a bad guy and cared about the kids. After Jem woke up the Boo, Jem, and Scout all ended up being best friends. So what I got out of this was dont judge someone from there looks or what people say about them. Only judge when you actually know first hand.


  1. I also love To Kill A Mockingbird. I like you're moral statement at the end about not judging people. I agree with this so much but sometimes find it hard not to make a quick judgment. I'm glad to see this impacted you as well.

  2. I think it would be really neat to be apart of the Ford Mustang Crew. Being like most girls, I don't really know a lot about cars but my dad's best friend fixes up older cars and they look amazing! Mustangs are my favorite and that's my dream car! I hope to get one maybe just to drive around during the summer months, then use the car I have now for the winter. I really hope you someday work for them, that would be awesome!

  3. Mustangs are also my favorite cars. my dream car would be a 1969 Boss 429


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