Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Exploration 3: Lydia Freudenberg

 Philippe Petite Poem

This is my poem. I began writing this poem yesterday and was not planning on rhyming, but I liked how it flowed and I was able to express what I wanted my audience to feel. I basically summed up the experience Philippe had on the tight rope, but then my final line expresses how the nation looks at the twins towers today and how his amazing accomplishment seemed to of vanished.


Dancing. Dancing 1,320 feet off the ground.
His heart does not pound,
His mind is at ease
Two Twin Towers sway in the breeze.

The folks passing by stop and stare
Straining their necks in the warm August air.
The police get involved but stop when they see
Philippe is now down on his knee. 

Laying there above the Manhattan block 
He knows, "life was not considerable without doing this walk."
Then a bird passes by with his beady red eyes
And Philippe know it's time to say goodbye. 

Standing up and dancing off his one inch wire
Philippe's elegant performance will soon be engulfed
With the 9-11 fires.


  1. Lydia, I really enjoy the tone of this poem. I also like the rhyming that you include and how you kept coming back to the word Dancing. It really burns it into your mind. Great poem.

  2. This is beautiful and by far my favorite so far. Your words depict the interpretation of the story perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. I enjoyed this poem because it held the perfect pauses before the point was met. You can really see picture Petit and all the emotions he faced and then Petit's time is swooped by with the connotation of 9/11 which is an awesome way to show the true emotion felt before that day.

  4. I like how you tied the past together with more modern and more widely known 9/11 attacks. I also like your AABB ryhme scheme. I wanted to do that but I couldn't tie it together as well as you did. Great Job.

  5. I like how you picked a title that wasn't directly about the event. I think this shows that you put more effort and thought into your writing.

  6. I like the end rhyme. It ads great effect to the poem. I like how you mixeed in the 9-11 part at the end. I also talked about the bird in my poem. I think that was a major part of this sotry also. Great Job!

  7. I felt really sad when I read the end of your poem because it is depressing to think that even though he had done something unheard of, it soon vanished off the face of the earth when 9/11 happened.

  8. Wow, Lydia. This is a beautiful poem and I love the simplicity and the rhyming. This is my favorite poem so far, great job!


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