Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Petit Poem Matt Kappes

For my poem i began to identify a lot of Petit's quotes and utilize what he brought to my mind. So after a bit of thinking i decided my poem should be about dreams, defying limits, and making reality your own domain. The things i was sure to depict were Petit's persona, the city, the craziness, and the crowd. I decided to make my poem rhyme because it honestly came naturally and helped me finish my poem in under an hour. So here's my poem "It's impossible but I'll do it." P.S. read the parentheses.

"It's impossible but I'll do it."
There once was a man named Philippe Petit,
who enjoyed walking wires on his feet.

Later in his career Philippe wanted to do more,
so he brought his wire to New York.

Here Petit set his eyes on the towers,
something that would take him months and hours.

With these towers now his friends,
here a dream in 1974 begins.

On the night of August 6th,
they tied the ropes checked & checked again.

Then the next morning an hour after six,
Petit would start out with walking then continue with tricks.

An echo of the audience cheering below, 
this was quoted a "Once in a lifetime show."

Now the police an the tower's owner gather,
Only to see Petit cheering with laughter.

After eight crossings in 45 minutes,
Petit showed his defying of limits.

So after the show & all the publicity,
Petit was taken then into custody.

And even with no permit & laughing at cops,
Tizzoli (tower owner) made sure the charges were dropped.

So now Petit with dreams like ours,
Shows that reality can go just as far.


  1. I really enjoyed this poem. It reminded me a little of a Doctor Seuss and I loved him as a child.This poem covers everything that I think is needed and you did a great job!

  2. I think between depicting Petit's persona, the city etc. and dreams, you chose the right one. It is easy to look at an event like this and take it for face value. The dream is the hidden and, in my opinion, the most important part of any historic feat. Very nice job.

  3. Just like me, you wrote a poem that rhymed each cuplet. I can't write a poem any other way. I liked how you described the events from the perspective of a narrator. My poem was in first person, so it was great to see the 3rd person depiction.

  4. I really like how you included that your poem was about defying limits, and making reality your own domain. I think that that's a powerful statement within itself and I really like the last stanza. I also made sure my poem rhymed so I could finish it under an hour!

  5. I liked the rhyming schele in this. Great Job Matt! I think that it was also really important that about the charges being dropped and the owner coming to talk to Petit. I think it was also important that you added that he laughed at the cops.


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