Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Philippe Petit's Amazing Feat- Chris Ward

When I began this poem, I unfortunately had a pre-conceived idea of specific words I wanted to use. This messed up some of my stanza's ryhming schemes because I was dead-set on using specific words to get a point across.

Philippe Petit's Amazing Feat

A moment forged by ambition
Soon forgotten by tragedy
Reignites imagination
Will now be remembered for eternity.

Philippe Petit, a tight rope walker
Lays eyes on the Twin Towers
Two tall ugly structures
Destined to be icons in our best and darkest hours. 

After much preparation, not daunted by reality,
Philippe Petit prepares for his debut.
The first leap with the birds, simplicity.
Daring to do what no other man would do.

More like a dancer than a walker,
He layed, he jumped during 8 crossings that day.
The crowds loved the danger
The cops were even amazed, until they had their say.

A single act challenging the impossible
Brought a face to the once dark dreary structures.
Proved that man is truly unstoppable.
Conquering a "Dream as big as the towers".

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