Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Exercise 1- Phillipe Petite Poem

I actually somewhat enjoy writing some types of poetry, for example things that i am passionate about or really hit home with me. This exercise was sort of a bust because it doesn't cover the entire course of action but instead the moments leading up to the extraordinary walk.

A Dream as Big as the Towers'

The first time the idea had crossed my mind,
I was left spellbound.
Two giant towers,
One-thousand and three-hundred feet
off the ground.
This was once in a lifetime
and most likely a crime.

Aluminum and spotless glass,
steel columns and reenforced beams,
I took one last look down at this glorious world
as if it may be my last sight.
But even knowing this..
even knowing this could be my last moment, 
I remembered my dream.

So I closed my eyes, 
and stepped forward.
And for forty-five minutes,
to a degree
I was finally free. 


  1. When I wrote my poem, I wrote a first person account just like you. I imagined him nervous before his walk, but during the middle of his walk admiring the beauty. You touched on that in describing the tower over the glorious world. It all came back to his dream.

  2. I like how you wrote this poem from a first person point of view. That's something I hadn't thought about and makes it a interesting poem.

  3. I really liked your poem, the first person POV is great! You used the POV very well, I did the same on mine. I liked the way you connected to the origianl reading through your emotions and defining words. This is really good!

  4. I like the first person point of view, it helps get his emotions across better. I also like how you separated it into 3 stanzas; how each one is like a transition.

  5. I liked the title of your poem because it so true about Philippe Petite. I also liked your last stanza and the fact that you wrote the poem in first person. I wrote mine in a third person point of view, but this poem really stands out.


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