Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Phillipe Petite Poem Xavier Gregory

So for this poem I basically just took the notes from the movie and pick out the facts that showed the commitment that Phillipe Petite had in order to complete his ultimate dream. I also show that he had actually became friends with the towers and then I go into showing the actual danger that Phillipe Petite was in.

Me and the Tower
by Xavier Gregory

1974 first time in New York
Out of the darkness I emerged
There it was. Smiling in disbelief
I disguised myself to learn your secrets.
8 months go by, you told me so much
No gates, newly cut steel, and 200ft from
to center.
We became friends with each visit.
The time is now.

One foot on the wire and one on the
building. I take my first steps.
No protection from the void.
I can feel you move under my feet.
I laugh, I dance, I smile you bring me joy.
I've reached new heights
I've entered the territory of the Gods.
Message received, I got to go
I have achieved the impossible. 


  1. I absolutely love this poem! I love how you wrote it from Philippes perspective and not your own. This was beautifully written, the rhymes you have go perfectly together. I especially love the beginning because of the emerging and having the disbelief. Great job!

  2. This was a very well written poem. I like how the poem flowed. It made it very easy for me to read, and I liked the tone in which it is read. Great Job.

  3. I really like how you told a story through the poem and you told it from 1st person. It honestly made me believe that you experienced this yourself. My favorite is the last line in the poem that says, "I have achieved the impossible."


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