Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brent Nicol Introduction:  Dreams Up High
                         This poem I wrote took me about 30 minutes to write. I looked at my notes from the video we watched in class, and I tried to tie together the whole story within 14 lines. I found out that meeting the required limit was very easy because, as I was writing, I began to realize that I had to make sure that I did not go over the limit. I also tried to make each stanza a different part in the story. The first stanza was more about the dream and preperation. The second stanza is about the dream being achieved.

Philippe Petit had and extraordinary dream
to walk he twin towers on a beam. 
His dream was as tall as the towers
as his passion grew and flourished.
He disregarded the law as his passion grew
and he climbed to the top and no one knew.
He planned his dream and thought it impossible
but his tenacity and courage did not waver
as he gathered supplies and snuck
 to the top of the of the south sky scraper.
Using his supplies that he had taken to the top
he began to see his dream unravel.

He secured the cable to both tall buildings
and was starstruck by the beauty 
at thirteen hundred feet up.
He began to walk his dream along the cable
and he began to dance and jump
and he floated like a bird on thin air.
He flew for fourty five minutes
and he made eight passes back and forth.
The people of New York cheered for Philippe 
as his dream was coming true
He achieved the impossible 
which teaches us one thing
that life is good and you
should never stop following your dream.

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  1. Brent, I really liked your poem.One of the things I liked was your use of diction to help describe the event. Also, I liked how you structured it so the first stanza describes the plan he makes and the second is him during the event.


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