Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Twins by LaCrista Keller

My poem is about the way Philippe Petit felt while he was tightroping between The Twin Towers. I honestly do not know how long it took me to write this poem, once I started putting my thoughts down on paper the poem seemed to write itself. I tried very hard to put a lot of the lines that were used in the documentary into my paper, I felt it made the poem connect directly to the documentary. Here is my poem "The Twins".

The Twins

That's what he thought

But he'll do it.

Like a slap in the face, his dream was impossible.
Like a bird in the sky 
invader of their territory
He had entered the belly of the Twin Beasts.

He was dancing on top of the world
Playing with the fear everyone had but him
He wasn't a tightrope walker

He was a dancer. 

Jumping and laying between the Twins
No fear. 
He was overwhelmed with ease

Back and forth he danced
Doing the tango with death
but he was always one step ahead

He had done it. 

He had conquered the Twins.


  1. I like how you mentioned that once you started writing, the poem wrote itself. I think that shows that you are a good writer. I like the flow of the poem and how you used so many references and lines from the documentary. Overall, this was a very nice, well thought out poem.

  2. I liked that you wrote about his experience on the cable and not just on the facts. I also really like the last triplet, and how you ended the poem with He had conquered the twins.


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