Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A dream as big as the towers

  My poem is titled A Dream as Big as the Towers. I watched the video a second time and wrote my poem while the video played. I did this so the events in the poem would be in chronological order and also so I could re-experience the film with new thoughts fresh in my mind.

A Dream as Big as the Towers

1,376 feet in the air, Philippe Petit stepped onto a tightrope 
A tightrope that stretched the massive length between the twin towers. 
I watched with a lump in my throat
But Philippe smiled as he crossed the wire with power.

New Yorkers on the streets below stared in awe
While I admired the small figure crossing the wire.
Philippe wouldn't even be stopped by the law
With eight passes across the rope Philippe had managed to inspire.

His walk between the towers proved
You can make your own dreams a reality. 
With Philippe's walk I was moved
Accomplishing your goals is just a matter of mentality. 

Philippe inspired me
With a dream as big as the towers.


  1. Shannon, I liked how you watched the video while writing the poem. Not only did it help you write the events in order, you were also able to express how you felt while watching the video. Overall, this was a very nice, well thought out poem.

  2. I like how your poem rhyme with every other line. I also like how you managed to cram a lot of detail into this smaller poem. The way you made the last two lines stand out from the rest by only having two lines in that stanza and not having them rhyme was interesting as well.

  3. I really liked how you narrated your poem in your eyes and the people watching Philippe Petit's walk. I also liked your use of diction in the poem to describe certain emotions going on. An example is when you said "I watched with a lump in my throat" showing the nervousness that is being experienced as he attempts to walk across the wire.

  4. I like how you wrote it as person in the crowd and not as him. I was also inspired by Philippe doing what he and everyone else would have deemed impossible.

  5. Shannon, I really liked reading your poem because when I'm reading it, I can imagine the story happening again. Like I'm reliving it. I also think it was a wonderful idea to listen to the video while you're writing it! It worked really well for you! Good Job!

  6. I think how you watched a second time and wrote while watching allowed you to really describe it well while following the story that we all watched which makes us all relate.


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