Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Impossible by Mason Metcalf

     The poem I wrote is titled Impossible. I chose to start my poem off with the introducing the Twin towers ans also giving a little bit of information on how big they really are. My second stanza consisted of how Phillppes walk across the towers. The third stanza consisted of when he went off the tower and why he did such a daring act. 

Impossible was my first thought,
seeing two imposing towers
a quarter mile in the sky
and 130 feet between them.

A man dares walk across them
on nothing more then a wire. 
With no fear in his heart
the Twin Towers became his friend.
Smiling out of disbelief
Phillppe Petit walked on the line
not once, but eight times!
Performing for the crowd
he even laid down. 

Once he felt it was time
looking into a birds eye
he walked back on to the tower.
They asked him why
and he replied

You need a dream to live

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  1. I really like how organized your writing is. The poem flows even though it might not rhyme and that's good and the ending line sums up the whole thing.


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