Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Philippe Petite: Alex Thompson

The walk that Philippe completed actually made me feel multiple different emotions. Many of the words and phrases he used to describe his walk helped me experience how he felt and what as going through his mind. The way he described his story helped me piece together my poem. I tried to capture some of his emotions and major events that happened.

Philippes Walk
Walking across the thin wire
I looked down...

Fear was not an expression or thought I retained
But was the least of my worries

As I walked between the two tall glistening towers
I became one with them

I felt the motions and the swaying of them throughout the one inch wire.
The tall beautiful monuments of the world possessed a life of their own

As I walked I could feel and hear the echo of my audience below
They were cheering for me...

On one of my eight walks I spotted a bird flying above me
It possessed red eyes and looked into me

I know my time had come for me to end my walk
After eight walks I ended where I began

In the end the towers became a part of me
I can still see them in the very spot they used to stand.

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  1. I really liked how you did this from the first person point of view and made it seem like you were going through the motions Philippe was probably going through. I liked the 6th stanza!


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