Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Profile of Dub FX from Mike Lohre

Students, here is the link to the video profile made by writer and filmaker Ben Dowden.  His subject is street musician Dub FX.  Watch and listen and watch the short documentary closely.
  • Within the video, which images, clips, or photos stand out? 
  • What things that were said or sung seem most memorable or important to you or the impression of the profile?  Why?
  • What was the purpose or message of this profile? 

Put your comments in answer to these questions below this post in the Comments.  Thanks!


Dub FX and Flower Fairy   this is the documentary profile to watch  just for fun, this is his most popular song on YouTube, done with another busker (street musician) named Mr. Woodside.


  1. Images that stood out: I think overall the image of him in simple jeans and a t-shirt with his music board was the thing that is the most memorable to me. Also, the fact that people crowd around him and surround him I think is really cool because he doesn't have any security or body guards on him.

    What he said that really stood out to me was that his music was about free speech and I think that today's music really lacks that because today's lyrics always talk about the same thing, and it's nice to hear Dub FX because he has a completely different style. I also think it's really cool that the music he makes is with the sound board because I really like Ed Sheeran and he does that too, and I don't know too many singers that do that.

    I think the purpose/message of this profile is to demonstrate that there's a large diversity in the way we communicate with one another. Also, to show that the way we profile people can be very different depending on the way we see them. I think that Dub FX is really unique and I'm actually surprised that I liked his music, but someone else might completely disagree. I really liked this profile!

  2. What stood out to me was that whenever he we performing, he was always bobbing up down, closing his eyes, and moving around; showing that he loves what he does.

    What he said that stood out to me was this; "Basically, without even rehearsing, I just went traveling around Europe and started performing..." I thought that it was amazing that he didn't have his performances already set up beforehand, he was just trying out new things.

    I think the purpose/message of this profile is in 2 quotes Dub FX said; "If you don't put yourself out there, nothing's ever gonna happen." and "Nothing happens when you're sittin' around talking about it." Basically, you must act if you want results.

  3. One image that stood out to me was in one song when sings about everyone raising their fists and most members of the audience do. I feel that he is singing about freedom for everyone and that's why everyone raises their fists.
    I found it interesting to hear about how he says that he doesn't please anyone with his songs, but instead just sings because it is something that he likes.
    The message of this profile is that there doesn't seem to be any anger or controversies over his music unlike what was stated by Kevin Powell in the textbook. Instead Dub FX's music inspires a lot of people in the world about freedom.

  4. The image and clips that stood out to me were the completely different kinds of environments he preformed in. Also how in the video the clothes he wears never really changes in the sense that even when he became successful he still stuck with his style. There were a few scenes as well when the camera zooms in toward his necklace, which looks like the symbol for anarchy, and that shows that his views and beliefs are anti-government.

    A few things he said that stood out to me were "nothing happens just sitting around you gotta go do it." He also mentions that it's hard to please everyone and that when performs, he tends to please himself first, then if he manages to please someone else at the same time then the job is done.

    I think the purpose of this profile was to show the world a little sneak peak into beatboxing and performers like DubFX. Bringing more awareness of this topic to support artist like him everywhere.

  5. What really stood out to me was that he was always happy and loved every second of what he was doing. He would get really into it and bob up and down and dance around a little bit. One thing he said was actually pretty inspiring because he came up with this idea when he saw a a man use a loop pedal for Beat boxing. Every big thing starts with a small idea. He came up from nothing all because of this and now he has crowds of people that crowd around him to listen to him. The message of this was to stick to what you like. He found out that this was a lot of fun and that he liked it, so he stuck to it and it got him a bunch of raving fans.

  6. The one image that stood out to me was a drawing that really showed he was an optimist, the photo was seen in his house/studio, it was of rain and sunshine and the picture said "After rain come sunshine" which is so true and simple which is what I really loved about this guy. He was down to earth. his house was simple, his clothing was basic and the crowds he attracted seemed to be on the same frequency as him. I loved the words he spoke about not being a "people pleaser" and doing his own thing because that's what makes him happy. How he sung about "dreams" and how he feels like he "has made it big." His words and song lyrics really reflected what type of person he is and that is someone who loves music and is happy. He is very true to himself and far from a hypocrite. He announced that he sung about "freedom and freedom of speech" and that he is just there to give fun free street music to those who care to listen. The short documentary encourages people to get out and chase their dreams because sitting around won't get you anywhere and you "gotta just do it."

  7. I think the image that soot out the most to me was him playing his music wearing a T-shirt and jeans on a little Amp in front of huge crowd. That shows that this man is down it Earth and he is doing this for him and not for other people. The fact that there was a huge crowed and he said he just makes these things up on the spot blows my mind. The other image was at the same moment but when everyone put their fist up with him, that shows that the people really believe what he's saying and see him as an inspiration.

    "Expect the unexpected." This was the one quote that I loved. This man went out and played his music on the street just of fun, the next thing he know there are hundreds of people coming to listen specifically to him. He never expected to get noticed for what he does on his machines, but he did and so he has learned to expect the unexpected.

    I think the purpose of this profile is to show that they can be fun. They can be on something or someone that you really have an interest and liking in. Not everything we write about has to be boring and dreadful, we can write what we want and make it a fun piece of writing.

  8. The image in the video of him in his little apartment stand out to me the most. It shows that he is not too worried about having nice things and he lives modestly.
    During one of the songs he says he is on a mission to the sky with stars in his eyes. This lyric shows that he is striving for success and is hoping that this success carries him well in life. The purpose of this profile is to show people that they should follow their dreams and shoot for the stars.

  9. The image that stood out to me was when he was preforming on stage with all those lights and people surrounding the stage. I think its crazy how someone that started this all himself and doesn't sign with a producing company can gain this much attention and gathering of his events to see what truly loves.

    My favorite phrase he says is "nothing happens when you're just sitting around, you gotta get out and go do it".

    I think the purpose of his profile is to show that you cant be afraid of what dream and want/ love to do.

  10. The image that stood out to me that is he always shut his eyes and got into the music. He bobbed and danced to keep his beat. He started as just a solo guy with a sound board and a speaker but he makes amazing music on the streets. He is know a huge inspiration and a big time performer.

    My favorite quote is when he said "if you don't throw yourself out there nothing is going to happen ." This a way to live life because sometimes you need to just throw your self at something in order to have a shot at getting it.

    I think the purpose of his profile is to show people if you truly love something go after it and dont hold back.

  11. The image that stood out to me was when the camera took a shot of their shoes. I'm not sure why I found this really interesting, but I think it was because the image just went with the song. It flowed very nicely with the words.

    My favorite lyrics in this song were "We need nobody to let ourselves go" and also "We move with the flow" I really like the first one because it's true. You don't need anyone to be yourself. You should be yourself no matter what. You shouldn't let other peoples thoughts have an effect on you. Everyone in the world is different from each other and no one is alike, that's what makes us so special. Also I love "We move with the flow". I really like this quote because every single day, life throws you curve balls. You never know where they'll take you or where you'll end up, but its the ride that's worth it all. You can't predict anything in life. You have to learn to live with the flow because in my opinion, that's the only truly way to be happy.

    I believe the purpose of this profile is to just be yourself no matter what and to chase every single dream you have.

  12. There were a few images that really stood out to me while watching the video. The first was the amount of people that were circling around him as he was performing on the street. The second was towards the ending when it shows him performing on a stage the him performing on a street to finally his house. Lastly what stood out was the amount of places he has been to. They listed off countries like England, India, Russia, Hungary, and more. Its amazing to see how much success he has had with his career and where it has taken him to.

    A quote I really liked was "If you don't throw yourself out there nothing is ever going to happen." He then goes on to say that "nothing happens with sitting around and talking about it, you have to do it." I think this is important to remember because if there is something that you want in life you have to go after it. For some of us fear is something that sets us back in life and discourages us from doing what we want to do. It's just like what he says that "you need to lose your inhibitions" and put yourself out there other wise you wont reach what you set out to do.

    I think the purpose of this profile is to show that if there is something in life that you dream of doing or becoming one day that you should go after it. By showing Dub FX's story we can see that dreams are attainable if you work for them.

  13. I believe that the most memorable images and clips were the ones where it shows all the different cities that he has been to sharing his music, his passion, and his influence to show people yes you can. What I mean by that is there is nothing you cant do unless you don't try. I know that his message gets out to his audience because when the images/clips of all the places he performed there are hundreds of people enjoying themselves by dancing a long with Dub Fx.

    There were to main quotes that stood out to me the most and I think they go together. So when Dub Fx said " You have to failure in order to learn. " but you can't learn unless you " throw yourself out there, you just gotta do it." I agree completely with what he said if you want something in life you have to go out and work for it don't wait and let it come to you because more than likely it won't happen.

    I believe the purpose of the profile was to say go out and work for what you want and have fun doing so.


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