Saturday, September 6, 2014

Exploration Two: Kristen Orewiler

Hey Guys! My name is Kristen Orewiler and I will be turning 19 on September 27th. I currently graduated from Bucyrus High School. Throughout my high school career I have played volleyball, basketball and softball. My favorite sport was basketball and I played AAU (travel basketball) since the 6th grade. My senior year, I placed 5th in the state of Ohio for my percentage of free-throws, which was a huge accomplishment for me. Also during my high school years, I participated in DECA, Science Club and The Redmen Helpers. My fun fact that I shared in class was wanting to move to California after college and work for a music producing company. My dream is to work for a music producing company because I feel I am so drawn to music. In the meantime, while my dream is in process, I plan to major in Business with a marketing degree at The Ohio State University. I am all about my family. They mean the world to me, so this winter I plan on helping my dad coach the 8th grade Bucyrus Middle School team.
I chose Frederick Douglass because he was the first black citizen to hold a high U.S. government rank. Also, I thought it was very interesting that he gave lectures to people about women's rights. I think Frederick was a very brave individual for the many accomplishments he had. Right after slavery ended, their were still many people that treated colored people bad and I think it was very brave to overcome what other people thought about him and him proving to others that blacks are just as important as white people. Also Frederick Douglass is an inspiration. Frederick attempted to escape from slavery twice before finally succeeding. He was fighting for something he really wanted and I truly admire that quality in a person.
Choosing one of the two poems, I chose "Bury Me in a Free Land" by Frances E. Harper. I found this one very interesting because right from the beginning of the her poem, the reader knows exactly how Frances feels about slavery. Another thing I love about this poem is the last two lines, "All that my yearning spirit craves, Is bury me not in the land of slaves." All that Frances longs for in life is when she dies, she doesn't want to be buried in the land of slaves. Frances is standing up for what she believes in and also for everyone that was once a slave. She knows slavery is wrong because she was the daughter of a freed slave. She want's to voice her opinion on what slavery really is and also telling her readers what her thoughts are about slavery.
The Pearl by John Steinbeck was one of the greatest books that I have ever read. When I first started reading the book, I couldn't put it down because I was so drawn in because I wanted to know what would happen next. Throughout the book, the main character Kino found a pearl and thought it was the best thing that had ever happen to him but in reality, it ended up hurting Kino. In the end, Kino discovers that there are demons/devils in the pearl and their trying to hurt Kino during the sand his family. This was my favorite book because not only was it a good story, it also had good life lessons that everyday people can relate to. For example, one lesson was not getting caught up being materialistic. In a way this happened to Kino and nothing but bad started to happen. Also, you should appreciate everything you do have because you never know what could happen the next day. This is why The Pearl was one of my favorite books I have ever read because it so touching and it also made you think about the choices you make in everyday living. 


  1. Kristen, One of my favorite authors is John Steinbeck! I have not read The Pearl but I want to now! If you enjoyed this book i am guessing you would enjoy the others for the same reason. I could not put down the Grapes Of Wrath when I read it! I would suggest you read it too.

  2. I played volleyball in high school too, and am coaching volleyball with my dad! It's really cool to see that you played all of these different sports. I'm also really drawn to music and I really think that working in California for a music company would be such an amazing and incredible opportunity. I wish you the absolute best in that and I really hope it works out! That would be really neat.


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