Sunday, October 12, 2014

Exploration 2x2

The thing that I found interesting about the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 was that the Chinese government seemed to go straight to military force than going step by step up the law enforcement ladder. This protest wasn't even violent either, most of the people who participated weren't braking any laws or doing anything crazy, it wasn't much different than what was going on in the US doing the civil rights movement with Martin Luther King Jr. The US never used military action, they just used policemen and firefighters to clear out any protesters and resistance with no casualties. On the other hand, the Chinese government went straight to tanks and automatic weapons and used these weapons on innocent, unarmed college students. 

This photo shows just the massive group that has gathered to protest. It shows that hundreds of thousands of people believe in a similar cause and are willing to go to great lengths to try and get what they think they deserve.

I think it's interesting to see how the protesters in Hong Kong portray the wealthy. In the picture, they give one of Hong Kong's richest people fangs. When I think of fangs like this, I think of Dracula, who we know as a vampire, or a monster/villain in most story books.

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  1. You're second picture is frightening humorous and I would love to know what those signs say.. I believe they chose a vampire because their current leader is literately sucking the freedom/rights his nation has, and then eventually sucking away their peaceful protest, leaving a mess behind and then concealing it in an corrupt fashion. He is truly a monster, especially a vampire.


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