Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Exploration 5

1)On the Rainy River is the most meaningful story to me so far. This story has so much impact on the river because of what all happens to him. He has so much going for him in his life. He was planning to go to Harvard on a full ride scholarship. He is having such an amazing life and the next thing he knows he gets a letter to be shipped off to war. This story was meaningful due to the fact he was wanting to leave the country and had the opportunity to, but decided to do the right thing and stay in America. When he was sitting in the boat and started crying because he didn't want to leave everything behind, it shows that he knew the right thing was to go to war and not flee the country.

2) I probably connect with Elroy the best so far. This is because he is a kind person who likes to help out. He does not need to know any background or anything that is happened. He was just somebody that wanted to help someone in need. I am just like that.  I will help out anybody in need. I do not expect any type of repayment i just like to help out for the greater good.

3) Tim uses a lot of conventions in his writing. One thing I noticed he uses a lot is repetition. He uses this to put a lot more emphasis on something and to really show how much something means. For example at the beginning he would repeat "They carried" over and over to show the amount of stuff these soldiers had to carry and how awful it was. He also repeats "How to tell a true war story" a lot to show that every war story is significant and painful.

4)"For the most part the carried themselves with poise, a kind of dignity. Now and then, however, there were a few times of panic, when they wanted to squeal, but they couldn't when they twitched and made moaning sounds and covered their heads and said dear jesus" This really impacted me because it shows the amount of stress they went through on a daily basis. They just had to accept it and carry on like nothing was going to happen and everything would be okay.


  1. I also really enjoyed the Rainy River chapter the most! I really also found it interesting that he basically had his whole life planned out until that letter came and screwed it all up. That situation would be terrible and I don't blame him for wanting to go to Canada and all the stuff he went through just to make the decision to go back and enter the draft anyways.

  2. I also picked "on the rainy river" as the story that has meant the most to me. It is crazy what they went through and as a 18 to 25 year old the choices and sacrifices they had to make for our country. I don't think we give these men enough credit for what they did.


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