Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Exploration Four Elianna Ponte

Exploration Four: News Sources, Research and the Power of Images.

Part One: History
In May of 1989, nearly a million, mostly young, Chinese people gathered in Central Beijing to protest for a democracy, and for the resignation of the Chinese Communist Party. The protests went on for about three weeks with daily vigils, marches and chants. This caught the attention of the media, which later caught the attention of the United States and Europe. On June 4th, 1989, Chinese troops and security police stormed through Tienanmen Square and were firing into the crowd of protesters. The majority of students tried to escape, while the other protesters fought back by stoning the troops and setting fire to military vehicles. About 300 protesters were killed, and about 10,000 were arrested. About three weeks later, US Congress voted to impose economic sanctions against the People's Republic of China in response to the violations of human rights.
The thing that I found the most important in these events is the fact that human rights really were violated, and that the government struck back in a way that I think was too extreme. To bring in army tanks to go up against protesters, human beings, I don't think was necessary at all. There could have been many different ways to deal with the situation, but the police decided to strike back in the most violent way possible.

Part Two: Images
Tiananmen Square Massacre - June 4, 1989
Dead protesters and tanks are seen in the aftermath of the Tienanmen Square Protest.
This picture is powerful because it shows how empty the streets became after the tanks had gone through the protesters. It shows the aftermath of the Tienanmen Square protests; that while the tanks escaped without scratches, protesters were killed in fighting for what they believed in and for exerting their human rights.

Students peacefully protesting in Hong Kong to protest China's proposal to limit voting rights.
I think this image is powerful and unique because, first of all, there is no violence seen in this image. In fact, some students even have smiles on their faces while they're protesting. I think it's important to see this because the government probably tries to spin the protesters by saying that the students are violently protesting, but in this image the reality of these student protests is being seen; they're peaceful and there is no violence. 

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  1. Your first picture really caught my eye, the fact the the street was bare after the tanks went through really gets to me. It is so sad how many people were killed because of those tanks and in that picture you can see some of the bodies that we killed by the tanks.


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