Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration 5: Reading Response; Kristen Orewiler

1. The story that meant the most to me was the story "Enemies". I really liked this story because in the story, Lee Strunk and Dave Jensen got in a huge fight about a missing jackknife. In my opinion, in a war, you don't have time to be fighting with everyone because you never know when it could possibly be your last day. Jensen and Strunk made a promise to each other that if one of then were to get hurt, they would just kill that person. They made everyone become witnesses. When the time was actually here when Strunk got shot, Jensen couldn't kill him and didn't. This meant a lot to me because when you get hurt during a war, you don't want to give up. I would want to keep fighting no matter what. That's why this story means a lot to me.

2. My favorite character is Tim O'Brien himself. I really feel like I connect with him because throughout the book so far, he seems like he is really observant. I felt like I had a connection with him when he ran away from home. I try to picture myself in that situation and I probably would have done the same. I think Tim himself if a very smart individual and like me very observant. When he was writing this story, he puts so much detail into his writing. That's a characteristic I admire about Tim.

3. I would really like to discuss the part in the book that the men say they don't really know what it true and what isn't. After a while, the men don't know what really happened, they know if it was just their imagine or it really did happen.

4. "You can tell a true war story by the way it never seems to end." I was really struck by this quote on page 72. I loved this quote because I think it does have significant meaning behind the words. When your at war for so long, it would be hard to determine whether the story is true or not because as the days pass and seem long, there would have to be an impact on the human mind.


  1. Hey Kristen,
    I also chose Tim O'Brien as my favorite character because of similar reasons. I really liked how you included how observant he is and how you could relate that back to yourself. I think it was you who said you were an artist on the first day of class, so it makes sense for you to be observant and pay close attention to details. I think it's cool that you noticed that trait in Tim O'Brien also.

  2. I liked your passage for the first question. It was actually different than the rest of the classes. It did also show that even when soldiers fight, they are always brothers, and brothers won't just kill each other. Everyone deserves a second chance at surviving and coming out of harms way. I also connected with Tim O'Brian. He reminds me a little of myself, not fully, but he seems trustworthy and compassionate. Which really shows when he talks about his story. I liked your passage! Good Job :)


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