Sunday, October 12, 2014

Exploration Four: Jared Mills

Something that I found shocking about the massacre that occurred in Tiananmen Square came from this paragraph in a New York Times article from June 4, 1989 by Nicholas D. Kristof: "Many of those killed were throwing bricks at the soldiers, but others were simply watching passively or standing at barricades when soldiers fired directly at them."  I find it disgusting that someone could shoot someone else who's just standing there peacefully.  I feel that if the students weren't attacking, then they shouldn't be attacked; or at least not killed.  At most have tear gas thrown at them or something non-lethal of that nature.  Something else I found interesting was what a young worker said said about his government: "Our Government is already done with, nothing can show more clearly that it does not represent the people."  A government with no support is a government that doesn't function correctly.

Shown above is a crowd of students peacefully protesting with a brave student yelling at the soldiers to go away.
I feel this photo is effective because is shows part of the non violent protest.  Students just sitting there refusing to move.
Shown above is a personnel carrier used by the soldiers to try and stop the protest.  Obviously it's not working too well for them.
I like this picture because it shows how far the protesters are willing to go for their cause.  Risking their lives to get close enough to this armored vehicle with soldiers inside to set it on fire. 


  1. I love the first photo. It really shows how young and bold the protesters were. They were just trying to have their voices heard, it's sad that it had to end in such a bloody catastrophe.

  2. The second picture stood out to me the most because the idea of unarmed protestors disabling an armored personnel carrier astounds me. You were right when you said they were willing to fight for what they believed because this task alone shows they had the dedication to do what was necessary.

  3. I Love the quote and article you found. It's crazy that to this day there really is no better thought than those said around the time this occurred. I also think the first picture depicts the youth and students very nicely too.

  4. I really like the use of your first photo to really drive home the fact that this massacre that happened was due to protest like this that were peaceful

  5. I like both of the quotes. They both really seem to describe what the protest was all about and the horrific violence that happened on June 4. It is sad to think about what all happened on that day. Both of the pictures show good details of the protests, especially the first one because it shows the students just sitting there peacefully instead of being violent.


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