Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration 5 - hunter Burnett

1. The story that has meant the most to me so far would be "On The Rainy River". This story meant the most to me because it really gives you a feel for Tim O'Brien. It generally gives you an in depth story about the biggest life decision of Tim. It allows us to visualize how a lot, if not all, of the young guys felt about being drafted into the Vietnam War. They were scared, but they sometimes were more scared about being scared. Meaning, that they were scared they would be outcast or disowned if they were to run and hide in Canada or Mexico. This story really can allow other people to feed from because it is a terrific life lesson.
2. I think the character I most connected to, before he stepped on a land mine, was Curt Lemon. I think I connected to this character because I feel like I would be kind of a joker and make situations funny and more relaxing because if you don't do that sometimes then you will drive yourself crazy thinking about all the bad and terrible things going on around you. Curt Lemon had the qualities of a joker or clown. He always had jokes and was very outgoing and always had a smile on his face. I feel as if I would get along with this character fairly easy.
3. I really found the money and paying of each other situation between Tim O'Brien and Elroy very funny. I found this story fascinating because in the beginning Elroy says that Time owes him 200 dollars for four nights at 50.00 a night. Then, he knocks it down to 40.00 dollars a night and then he says that Tim did a lot of work and somehow calculates that he owed Tim 200.00. So, he sets four 50 dollar bills on the table and says "call her even".
4.I was struck by the writing in the middle of the first passage on page 49. It impacted me because it shows how Elroy was such a great caregiver, that even if Tim wasn't who he was, Elroy still would have taken him in.


  1. I like how you explained your connection with Curt Lemon. Since he was only in the story for a short time I feel that many people, including myself, would have overlooked him. I too believe that Tim's time with Elroy was very important. The man changed his life. It really does give you a feel for Tim.

  2. I loved the story "On The Rainy River". It wasn't my favorite but it made me proud of Tim to share that struggling moment in his life. He said he was ashamed and embarrassed and has never told it to anyone before, but I know he knows that he was not the only drafted soldier out there who had serious issues beforehand and contemplations on whether to leave or not. Now when other drafted soldiers read this story, maybe they'll know they weren't alone.


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