Monday, November 10, 2014

Brainstorm Topics, Essay 3, From Mike Lohre

Please post your 3 good topic ideas for Essay 3 here in the Comments section, and tell us which of the three you are leaning toward doing or most excited about right now.



  1. 1. Writing a Review about Childish Gambino the rapper (Donald Glover)
    2. Write a Letter to The Village of Milford Center(Where I Live)
    3. Write an Argument about the Death Penalty

    I am leaning toward writing a Review about Childish Gambino because he is becoming an icon in the rapper world.

  2. Argument essay: Is the Death Penalty Effective?
    Argument Essay: should the alcohol drinking age be lowered to 18?
    Argument essay: Should border patrol be stricter?

    I am leaning towards writing an essay about the death penalty. I think that I can write a strong and persuasive paper on this topic.

  3. 1. Review Essay: a review on The Fault In Our Stars (the movie)
    2. Review Essay: a review on Adele
    3. Argument Essay: should gay marriage be legal in all 50 states?

    I think that the topic I'm most leaning towards is whether or not gay marriage should be legal in all 50 states.

  4. After brainstorming three ideas for my essay 3 I found the following to be most interesting to me:

    1. I would like to write a letter to our parish priest. There has been so many issues dealing with our parish and I would like to address him about some of the issues about also maybe some ideas on how he could go about fixing the problems.

    2. I would like to write a Public Document about Arlington National Cemetery and the changing of the guards.

    3. My last idea was to write an argument letter about how abortion should be illegal abortion and my views on it.

    After thinking about all my ideas, I would like to write about the changing of guards at Arlington National Cemetery. I recently visited Washington D.C. and that was my favorite place we visited. I was just so intrigued with the whole concept. I'm really looking forward to find out further information about the changing of the guards.

  5. 1. Argument: Should cigarette smoking/cigarettes be banned?
    2. Review: Galaxy Note 4
    3. Argument: Is the cost of college too high?

    I'm leaning towards writing an argument about whether cigarette smoking/cigarettes should be banned.

  6. 1. Argument: Border Patrol strictness
    2. Argument: Should Gay Marriage be legalized
    3. Should you be able to smoke

    I am leaning to Border Patrol. I Think that our polices are to lose and is causing all kinds of problems.

  7. 1. Argument: Should the United States be fighting in the Middle East?
    2. Review: Lone Survivor
    3. Argument: Is the US government infringing upon the 2nd Ammendment

    I am leaning toward reviewing the Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. I think it is an amazing story about what sacrifices our troops are making all the time to give us our freedoms.

  8. 1. Review: The Things They Carried
    2. Argument: Gun control in the United States
    3. Review: John Lennon

    I am probably most interested in writing a review of The Things They Carried. The book was really good to read throughout the class and how effective the writing can be when it talks about some of the people involved and what they went through in life and in war.

  9. Review: The band One Direction
    Review: The Things They Carried
    Argument: Should gay marriage be legal in all 50 states

    I am leaning heavily towards the review on One Direction. I know people are going to judge me because I love One Direction, but I don't care. They have achieved so much in a very short time and they are an inspiration to a lot of people and I would love to write a review about them.

  10. 1. A review of "The Things They Carried"
    2. A letter to God.
    3. An argument on why video games are a good thing.

    I think the argument would be a fun essay to write as long as it does not turn into a research paper, then it will be an interesting paper.

  11. 1) argument:Should marijuana be legal in all 50 states
    2)Review: The things they carried
    3)Review: Disney World
    I am leaning toward my first topic because it is a big issue right now and it would be fun to write an argument.

  12. After brainstorm for a quite a bit I have come up with a some ideas I'm pretty excited about

    1. Letter: To my really good friend who is struggling internally
    2. Review: Of my favorite musical, "Singin' In The Rain"
    3. Review: Of the "The Things They Carried"

    I like writing about emotions and events, so I'm leaning strongly towards the letter to my good friend. Plus I would probably mail it to him, which he would love.

  13. 1. Argument: Do colleges put too much stock in standardized test scores?
    2. Review: “The Pact” by Jodi Picoult
    3. Argument: Should the U.S. implement travel restrictions on countries impacted by Ebola?

    I like all three topics. I am going more towards my third topic because it is so recent, but I also like my first topic because I have a lot of experiences I can put into the essay.

  14. 1. Argument: Should college athletes be payed?
    2. Argument: Should the arts be made a priority in schools?
    3. Review: One of my favorite albums, "Forever Halloween" by The Maine

    I believe that both preforming and visual arts are very important subjects that should be kept in school systems and made a priority. Unfortunately these classes are becoming a dying breed and I think there are so many things wrong with that. Therefore I think I'll write my essay on the second topic because it is something I feel so strongly about.

  15. 1. Argument: Cost of college in America/Taxes
    2.Argument: Government invasion of privacy.
    3. Review: " The Things They Carried"

    I'm leaning towards my second choice.

  16. 1 Argument on using nuclear energy
    2 Review on the Tesla car
    3 Argument on Gun rights

    I am trying to decide on 1 & 3 but I think I will lean towards 1

  17. 1) Review on Breakfast club
    2)Review on U2 the band
    3)Argument on Us military and government and their actions in the middle east.

    I am leaning to the first and second choices

  18. 1. review: The Things they Carried
    2. argument: Gun control in the US/ The government infringing on our 2nd amendment right
    3. argument: Border patrol strictness/ Obama using amnesty on 10s of millions of illegal aliens

    Im between 2 and 3 because I find those most interesting and important.

  19. 1) Review: The things they carried
    2) Argument: legalization of marijuana
    3) Argument: gun bans

    I am most interested in the 2 one


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