Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Exploration 7: Xavier Gregory

1) In the book one thing that i marked as important was petitions. Petitions are a way for individuals who are apart of a democratic society to express themselves. With petitions citizens are able to express their views and they can request public polices to be changed. I think this important because this offers a way to communicate with others who share the same views as the person writing the petition.

2) I chose to respond to the petition: "Stimulate the economy - forgive student loans." The purpose of this petition is to lower the amount of student debt for the graduates and the families of the graduates. It goes on to say that the amount of debt is overwhelming for the families to pay, the families are paying upwards of a third of their monthly incomes to try to handle the debt. It makes the case that we as a country educate our students with some of the worlds best colleges and university but leave them with the debt of their education and a degree. This leaves the students unable to fulfill their dreams and making contributions to the world. I think the writing is at its best about the third paragraph  explaining the issues with the debt of education.

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  1. I agree with your statements about petitions because they are true. It truly is a way for citizens to express and maybe end up altering a public document based on what they believe is right. I like the article you chose also because student debt is very very high and influential on kids going to college and graduating from college now a days. Its scary to think about how much debt we could have to our own names in the next few years.


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