Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploration 7 - Hunter Burnett

Exploration 7- Hunter Burnett
1) One thing that I annotated as being crucial and very important information was in the opening paragraphs where it talked about how public documents can tell us a lot about a certain culture and they can also organize and carry out a lot of social activities.
2) The piece of writing I am responding to is the Tiger Woods- Stand Up For Equality- Augusta National Golf Club. The purpose of this writing is to persuade Tiger Woods to boycott the Masters until they let women golf in the Augusta National Golf Tournament. I do not believe that the writing would prove successful because it is way too demanding and the rules clearly state that only males are permitted to play in that specific tournament. I do not believe that it is discrimination or sexist. They use the fact that the club was discriminatory because they admitted their first black member in 1990 as evidence. The writing is at its best in the second paragraph. It is very complimentary to Tiger while trying to persuade him at the same time. "As the world's most famous golfer, like it or not, you have unique power and the responsibility that goes with it" is the quote that stands out to me. This quote stands out to me because it is a very bold statement and really is convincing toward their case with Tiger Woods.


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  2. In regards to your second paragraph, I believe they have a right to separate the two sexes not because women do not deserve to compete, but because men and women play golf differently. Professionals like Tiger Woods play from the tees farthest away from the hole. Women use the tees closest to the hole. This would cause for a very large distance in some cases, making for an unbalanced game.

  3. I completely agree with your response to the petition and that the writing was best when they were informing Tiger but complimenting and sweetening him up at the same time. I do on the other hand believe women should be allowed to golf in this tournament and Tiger can influence their petition a lot as well. The petition to me just needs a little more evidence and to show Tiger more than compliment him.


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