Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploration 7 :Kyle Doubikin

1. Manifestos and petitions are written for a reason and serve to demonstrate the peoples voice in the government. The writing gets straight to the point and people rely on these kinds of work to organize and carry out a wide range of social activities.

2. I chose the petition over forgiving student loans. The main purpose of this piece was to hopefully convince the president to consider a relief package for all students or alumni with student debt in order to stimulate the economy. This piece could have been effective but there is no way that any package like this would even be considered. The decision is way more complicated then just signing a law into place and the decision would most likely come down to politics and what is best for the wealthy government official. Although the author did hit some good points and gave his audience some food for thought. "We ask you to make a real investment in America. We ask you to truly stimulate this economy. We ask you to use our tax dollars to relieve the burden of student debt and allow our graduates to truly use their education to give back to this great country."


  1. I too like manifestos because they are so direct and to the point. I liked the petition for student loan forgiveness because it is super relevant to us as students. I agree that he hit on some good points and supported his argument well.

  2. I like how you chose to do the article about student loans because its something we can all relate to as college students. I also think you are correct when it comes to trying to actually implement it.


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