Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploration 7: Lindsey Bridges

      One part I thought was important in the chapter was the section that dealt with interpreting public documents. The fact that people are intimidated by public documents like Medicaid or HUD applications is something that should be taken into account when writing up these documents. I never thought that an official document would scare someone out of applying for something, but it does. I think this could be looked into as a reason some people don't attend college, because of the long forms and official documents they are required to fill out.
      I chose to respond to the petition "Stimulate the Economy-Forgive Student Loans." The purpose of the article is asking people to support the idea that students should be excused from paying back their student loans in order to stimulate the economy. I feel that the petition was not very effective. I do the think the author provided enough reasoning to convince people that getting rid of student loan debt is a good thing. The author's evidence is very vague in my opinion. He said that if students were freed of their debt, they then could spend money by creating new businesses and then creating new jobs. What kind of businesses are they expected to create? The author said that students are restrained from giving back to the economy because of student loan debt. This is a very biased opinion. I think the best point of the article was when the author said "We provide the best education in the world in our colleges and universities, but we leave our graduates at a severe disadvantage as they leave our institutions with a degree and a mountain of debt." I think this shows the problem the author wants to be fixed. It gives a clear statement of how he feels about student loans. The article just does not create an effective way to fix the problem.

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  1. I completely agree on the public documents and intimidation that strikes people that need help and that is a constant problem. I also really like your drawing of that to college because i do believe some people will not attend college for that reason. It's almost like people see that somethings will take a mountain out of work but they're really a bunch of mole hills everybody just sees as mountains. In reflection to your petition response i do agree it was very biased but it was an awesome petition and did support itself with clear evidence throughout the petition.


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