Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Groups and order for Presentation Projects

uMonday, Nov. 17 (7 groups)
1.Nikola Tesla- Jacob and Evan
2.Audrey Hepburn-LaCrista, Matt and Lydia
3.Salvador Dali- Austin and Zach
4.Citizen Kane-Lauren and Michael
5.The Miracle On Ice-Skyler and Xavier
6.Johnny Cash- Hunter and Brent
7.John D. Rockefeller- Chris and Jared
uWednesday, Nov. 19 (4 groups)
1.John Browning- Preston and Mason
2.Times Square- Elianna and Shannon
3.Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery- Lindsey and Kristen
4.Occupy Wall Street- Choe and Kyle

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