Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Exploration 7 Skyler Siles

1) One thing that I marked and found interesting was how it said public documents can tell the reader a lot about the culture that the writer was living and participating in, and how peoples encounters with public documents shows the link of writing contributes to the relationship that individuals have to social institutions. I marked this because I liked how it shows how an individual and a larger social aspect influence each other and why the documents where created in the first place.

2) I chose to respond to the  "Tiger Woods-Stand up for equality" piece. The purpose of this petition is to persuade Tiger to boycott the Masters golf tournament unless the Augusta national golf club admits/allows women to join the all-male golf club. I think that the piece was effective of getting its point across and why tiger should boycott and how he has a huge stage that many young golfers look up to and how he can show how equality should be demanded and it should not be tolerated. The petition uses the evidence of how the golf club is very discriminatory and how they did even let in their first African american member until 1990. then after the articles says that it ask the question of "why would you want to support that?" I think the writing is at its best here because it gives clear evidence of how the club is bad, and then with the question to tiger and how he would be directly supporting that discrimination by participating in the tournament.


  1. I chose the same reading and agree with you on what the writer was trying to get across to Tiger. I felt the writer did a very good job getting his point across to Tiger and had clear facts on how what the club was doing was wrong.

  2. Skyler,
    I also chose to respond to the piece on Tiger Woods. However we had differing views on the effectiveness of the piece. I thought the letter was ineffective but after reading your response I agree with you. I think you had a good point when you said the reading was most effective when it presented him with the question of, "why would you want to support that?" This really persuaded me into thinking this was an effective piece of writing.


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