Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploration 7- Zach Powell

Exploration 7- Zach Powell

1) Something I found important while reading is that for example in Stimulate the Economy-Forgive Student Loans, the writer says his opinion on how tax payer money should be used. He gives then gives facts about how removing college debt would actually help stimulate the economy more, than throwing money into Wall Street.  At the end he adds a web site that the reader can go to if they support his idea. I telling the reader facts and explaining how it would benefit the economy.

2) I chose Tiger Woods-Stand up for Equality. The purpose was persuading Tiger Woods to stand up for Equal rights by boycotting the Masters tournament in 2003, unless the all-male Augusta National Club admits women members. I feel it was effective because the writer talks about how Tiger would be a good role model for younger golfers. The writer talks about Tiger being a world famous golfer and being very influential in golf and wants him to use his power for good. When the writer brings up the first black was only admitted into the private club in 1990 and that the club has legal right to discriminate and asks tiger if he supports that. The writing is at its best when he says "You are well aware, particularly given the tremendous public outcry against the all-male club, that your decision to participate in the Augusta tournament will effectively be an endorsement of that club's policies". I think its best here because the writer is laying down that whatever Tiger decides to do will make a big difference in the game of golf.

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