Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploration 7 - Shannon Applin

1. One piece of information from this chapter that I considered to be very important and worth sharing is in the section about public documents as literacy events on page 188. This section explains how public documents are important in how people interact with each other and make sense of things according to the presence or the absence of a public document. This is very important because outcome of an event can be completely altered by a public document.

2.  I chose to respond to the petition "Tiger Woods-Stand Up For Equality-Augusta National Golf Club" The purpose of this petition is to convince Tiger Woods to boycott the Masters golf tournament for equal rights. Personally, I don't think this petition was successful because since Tiger Woods is such a famous golfer in the industry it is asking a lot of him to step down from a possibly career changing game for a movement that he may or may or not believe in. The only evidence that I found in this petition was where they explained the rights of the private club, saying that it's wrong to discriminate and how the first black member wasn't admitted until 1990. The writing was at it's best in my opinion where they describe Tiger Woods as "a wonderful inspiration for young golfers." and that he shouldn't "send the message that he supports sexism." This puts a lot of pressure on him providing that he has such a young audience that looks up to him as an idol. The petition uses this to try to persuade him with pathos.

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