Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploration 7: Elianna Ponte

1. Something I wanted to share from my active reading that I found interesting was on page 180, the section titled "Encounters with Public Documents." I thought it was interesting how it says that the two reading selections we read showed how ordinary people encountered public documents. I thought this was crucial because a lot of times I tend to think that public documents are only things that exclusive groups of people can access and write, so it was interesting to learn the different sides of public documents and how they can affect pretty much anyone.

2. The petition I'm choosing to respond to is Tiger Woods- Stand Up for Equality- Augusta National Golf Club on page 192.
The purpose: to get Tiger Woods to boycott the Masters Golf Tournament unless the Augusta National Club admits female members into the club in order to stand up for equal rights for all.
Effective?: I honestly don't think that this petition was effective because Tiger Woods is one of the world's most famous golfers, and a Master's tournament is a huge place for him to get media attention. While I do think that maybe he would support the cause, I think that asking him to boycott a tournament is a little much.
Evidence: The evidence used in this petition is second to last paragraph, where the writer talks about William Johnson and the Augusta National Golf Club, in which he includes the evidence that the first black member to join this club wasn't admitted until 1990.
Writing: I think the writing was at its best in the second paragraph, where the writer includes known facts about Tiger Woods, and says that "As the world's most famous golfer, like it or not, you have unique power and the responsibility that goes with it." I think that statement was pretty powerful because he is a public figure that's extremely well-known, and with being so famous, he has a responsibility to be a role-model to the people that follow him.

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  1. I like how you explained that although the petition wasn't effective, it can still have pretty good writing due to Tiger Woods being a famous golfer and wanting equal rights for women, as well as anyone else who follows him. I do agree that in life we will be coming across reading public documents and they will affect our lives.


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