Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploration 7

What I annotated as crucial in this chapter was the honesty depicted in the manifestos. For example in “From The Struggle And The Tools” Lucy quickly identifies the mistrust that the social workers have for the people they serve is pretty degrading and is wrong. In this manifesto it was also pointed out that just the length of the application threw people off the track of trying to be helped. As the manifesto comes to a close we see a bitter sweet ending as Lucy does the application and applies and gets the help she asks for, but four months later. 
The purpose of the manifesto “From The Struggle And The Tools” was to simply shed new light on our public assistance policies and bit of corruption held behind them. This manifesto was extremely effective in my opinion because it hid no bit of truth and identified the assistance through a woman by the name of Lucy Caden’s eyes and the writer Ellen Cushman’s eyes as well. Evidence given in this manifesto is the pictures of the application and the identification of the same questions being asked over and over as said by the writer and Lucy. This writing is at its best when the writer is almost telling  story through quotes by Lucy and her family. When these quotes are given the manifesto flows extremely well and kind of sets the reader in Lucy’s shoes for a feel of what it’s like. “Look at the hoops they make us jump through. Like we got nothing better to do than give them ‘One or more of the following.” 


  1. I agree with the fact that you read a lot of honesty when it comes to manifestos. I think this comes from that many times, the writer is trying to make a new identity for themselves, or for a group of people. If youre trying to convince someone to think differently of you, you probably shouldnt lie, but tell the truth to get your point across.

  2. I agree that the article was effective. It was not written just based on a biased opinion, like many of the other articles were. I think that the quote you chose from the article summed up how Lucy felt throughout the article. I agree that it sets the reader in Lucy's shoes. You know exactly how she is feeling.


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